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Join us for ‘One Kraków’ – 25th February 2017

On Saturday 25th February, an event ‘One Kraków’, co-hosted by Kraków Expats Directory, is being held at Pauza in the Garden, inspired by the city’s Open Kraków programme and in the spirit of the Multi-Cultural Festival of events taking place around Kraków on that day.

Details of the programme, summarised below, have now been finalised and will be published on the FB event page.

One Kraków is a new, long-term initiative focused on bringing together foreigners and locals in Krakow who work to improve life for all in the city. Inspired by the Open Kraków (Otwarty Kraków) programme and upcoming conference, (details below), a number of the most active organisations representing foreigners and serving locals in Kraków are coming together to launch this one-of-a-kind event for all to enjoy.

Join us for a dynamic and entertaining day featuring workshops, presentations, interactive activities, thoughtful discussion, and (of course) plenty of networking and open-mic components.

New and existing initiatives led by and for both the local and international communities will be showcased, along with the diversity and cultural richness that we all love and appreciate in Kraków. See what’s happening in the community, and maybe even meet someone new. There’s always more to discover in Kraków, so come check us out.  Let’s see if Kraków really is a small world, after all. 

Where else, on one day in one place, will you find, special ‘One Kraków’ editions of :-

Collaborate Kraków
Open Coffee
Fuckup Nights Kraków
Kraków Standup Comedy
Talking Dog
TEDx Kazimierz
Expats & Friends get together.

Along with;

Kraków Expats Directory
Kraków TV ( Video booth ‘VoxBox’)
The Krakowist
and more

Local, foreigner, immigrant, expat—if you are in Krakow on 25th of February, this event is for you.

Come and go as you please, or stay along for the whole ride—either way, we’d love to see you.

We will be offering opportunities for audience participation and a chance to share your comments. support and feedback regarding the wider Open Kraków programme.

Essential Info

 icon-day  Saturday 25th February
 icon-time 2pm-10pm 

 icon-location Pauza in the Garden,  Rajska 12, Kraków

 icon-facebook-alt Facebook Event 

 icon-facebook  ‘One Kraków’ on Facebook

 Use the Hashtag #onekrk to join in the discussion and event.

Additional notes:

  • The event is intended for speakers of both English and Polish even if they struggle with one or the other language.
  • The program is under development, please check back for updates. You can also follow the event on FB and stay up to date.


Collaborate, Krakow
FuckUp Nights Krakow
Kraków Expats Directory
The Krakowist
Richard Lucas (TEDxKazimierz Curator) + TEDxKazimierz Team

Details about the City’s Open Kraków (Otwarty Kraków) programme, in English, can be found on our dedicated Open Kraków page.


For those interested to read more about the programme we have provided a document library with links to the few documents available.

The English versions of the documents provided below have all been translated online.

Please do direct any concerns or questions to the city, if, like us, you are disappointed and surprised that a project, with it’s primary objectives to make city services more accessible and to improve communication with foreigners is in Polish only – more than 4 months after it’s implementation!


 Conference Programme (English)
 Open Kraków Conference Invitation (English)

 Conference Programme (Polish)
 Open Kraków Conference Invitation (Polish)

MEDIA ( Translated into English)

MEDIA (Polish)
KRAKOW.PL  14/9/16 – The City Council adopted the program “Open Kraków”
GAZETA KRAKOWSKA 31/8/16 Krakow Dispute about “Multi-Culti”
WYBORCZA.PL 30/1/16  Interview UMK

On 23rd – 25th ​​February 2017, the Council of the City of Kraków, (Rada Miasta Kraków) are holding a three day conference “Open Kraków” (Otwarty Kraków) the aim of which is to highlight and promote activities for cultural diversity and social integration of foreigners living in Kraków.

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION – Registration is now open!
Registration to attend the Open Kraków (Otwarty Kraków) conference and take part in the multicultural festival is now open.  To apply please fill in the short application by clicking this button.


Conference Organisers               konferencja@otwartykrakó
Conference Volunteers                wolontariat@otwartykrakó
Expat/Foreigners Enquiries           openkraków@krakó
Conference Website (Polish)         www.otwartykrakó (Polish Only)
Open Kraków Updates (English)    www.krakóów
Facebook @otwartykrakóweuóweu 

Please use the contact form below or email openkraków@krakó to share any comments, feedback or
highlight any specific Expat/Foreigners in Kraków issues, relating to the conference in particular or the Open Kraków (Otwarty Kraków) initiative in general.

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