Open krakow is okINTRODUCTION

In September 2016, the Council of the City of Kraków adopted for implementation the programme  “Open Kraków” (Otwarty Kraków), prepared by the Department of Social Affairs (UMK).

The program is designed to facilitate the integration of foreigners in Kraków and to demonstrate the benefits foreigners bring to the city.

Regrettably, since the Open Kraków Programme was adopted in September 2016, no information has been provided by the city or published in any language other than Polish!  All of the information provided below has been translated online.

The aim of this page is to provide information, in English, to the foreigner/expat community, in the hope that sometime soon, the city see fit to consider the rather obvious step of sharing information regarding Open Kraków in other languages. Open Kraków? – Not Yet!

The Open Kraków (Otwary Kraków) programme is hugely significant as it is the first time the council of the city of Kraków have formally recognised the presence and contribution of the foreigners in this city.

At long last, we have been (or will be) given a voice to be heard.  This is a fabulous opportunity to improve relations, communication, access to services and other issues which affect our community.

The conference mentioned below is the first event, more will be planned in the future.  The Open Kraków programme also aims to provide a new role of a liaison officer for the foreign residents, and a forum for foreigners is also planned in the programme.

Kraków Expats Directory are a co-organiser of the conference, and have been allocated a slot to speak on the first day.

To date, there has been no consultation or dialogue with the very people the Open Kraków programme aims to recognise, support and be open to, the foreigner/expat community.  Much has been done by professionals and NGO’s.

We want to change that!  We intend to use our presentation to bring to the notice of the conference attendees, particularly the city officials, the issues and concerns of the foreigners living in Kraków.

Issues such as Smog, the difficulty in accessing services, healthcare, social services, education and generally the barriers, when dealing with formalities, highlighted by the current waiting times at the foreigners office.

In time, the forum planned as part of the Open Kraków Programme should provide a platform for greater and regular dialogue with the city, but this is a start.

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Read the full text of the ordinance
 (Polish Only)

Download the full text of the programme Open Kraków (Polish Only)

Otwarty Kraków Announcement (Polish Only !!!)

On 23rd – 25th ​​February 2017, the Council of the City of Kraków, (Rada Miasta Kraków) together with the’Mikołaja Reja’ Foundation for the Support of Culture and Polish Language (Fundacją Wspierania Kultury i Języka Polskiego im. Mikołaja Reja)  and the Association Interkulturalni PL are holding a three day conference “Open Kraków” (Otwarty Kraków) the aim of which is to highlight and promote activities for cultural diversity and social integration of foreigners living in Kraków.

The first two days of the conference will take place at City Hall.  The theme for Day 1 of the conference will be Multiculturalism and Diversity, whilst the theme for the second day will be education/integration as it effects foreigners in the Polish education system.

On the third day it is hoped that a  number of smaller events will take place at various locations across Kraków, as part of the MultiCultural Festival, the intention being to  showcase businesses, groups, services, organisations etc within and serving the foreigner community here in Kraków.

“The conference seeks to demonstrate the potential associated with the presence and contribution of the foreigners community in Kraków.  This event was created for foreigners to be able to show projects and to prove that the implementation of the program Open Kraków has a practical, and not just a symbolic sense”

We want to also use the experience of other cities, in order to efficiently and effectively manage migration. The conference will provide an opportunity to seek solutions to the problems in the integration process, such as language barriers and opportunities in education. We would like to lay the foundations for a system in which migrants become part of the local community, living in prosperity and harmony.

‘You’re welcome – Serdecznie zapraszamy’

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION – Registration now open!
Registration to attend the Open Kraków (Otwarty Kraków) conference and take part in the multicultural festival is now open.  To apply please fill in the short application by clicking this button.


No information has been provided as yet by the organisers to clarify if registration is compulsory, or whether there is any limit on places available.

In spite of this conference being the first event to take place under the Open Kraków Programme, one of the primary aims being to improve communication with foreigners, the conference will take place mostly in Polish.  The organisers are currently seeking volunteers to translate the conference presentations into other languages.  We will keep you updated.

The Open Kraków Conference Programme has now been published (in Polish !!!)  We are working on an English version which we will share soon.



Kraków Expats Directory has been designated as the platform to keep the foreigner/expat community informed, in English,  about the conference and Open Kraków Programme, we will post updates here as new information becomes available.

29th Jan 2017
The conference website is now available partly in English.

The conference programme has now been published. (Polish) An English translation will be made available soon.

Conference Organisers               konferencja@otwartykrakó
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Conference Website (Polish)         www.otwartykrakó (Polish Only)
Open Kraków Updates (English)    www.krakóów
Facebook @otwartykrakóweuóweu 

Please use the contact form below or email openkraków@krakó to share any comments, feedback or highlight any specific Expat/Foreigners in Kraków issues, relating to the conference in particular or the Open Kraków (Otwarty Kraków) initiative in general.

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