Covid Update – No more masks, isolation or quarantine, (with exceptions)

Wearing of masks in most cases and quarantine ends 28/03

The Polish Government have today (24.3..22) announced that wearing of masks in almost all circumstances will no longer be compulsory, isolation and quarantine will also end. The changes take effect from Monday 28th March.  

Masks will only be compulsory in medical facilities, for patients, visitors and staff in hospitals, health centres, pharmacies etc.  The Minister of Health recommends that people still wear masks in crowded places or amongst large gatherings of people.

Quarantine for co-household members and government/sanepid enforced quarantine will also be lifted.

The Health Ministry (MZ) also abolishes isolation. Patients identified as positive will have to isolate themselves at home , the ministry said.

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski explained that infected people will get sick leave and will have to self-isolate. Sanepid will no longer manage it. In fact, this means the end of control over whether the infected person actually stays at home or leaves the house.

“If there are outbreaks, if we are dealing with some local epidemic phenomena, the Sanepid obviously still has the power to impose quarantine and decide on isolation”

Coronavirus infection tests only on medical prescription
The minister of health added that from 1st April, Covid tests will be performed only on medical orders. Following a positive result, the doctor will issue a sick leave certificate – he concluded.


NB – The Tweet from MZ includes ‘Border Quarantine’ but so far, there is no further explanation regarding this.  I will update this article when more information becomes available.

 icon-link Full details on the removal of restrictions can be found on the Ministry of health website. (which hasn’t been updated yet with this news)

 icon-external More Coronavirus information is available on the website.

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