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Information, appeals, events & other resources in support of our Ukrainian friends.

The article is being regularly updated

Kraków Expats Directory, support our Ukrainian friends, and stand against the aggressive Russian invasion. 

Many in our International community here in Kraków want to help and support in any way they can.

The intention of this article is to collate and consolidate various sources of information and updates, to share information and updates, resources, appeals and other activities to assist those seeking help or offering support to our Ukrainian friends.

We have provided below, sources of information, details of associations, NGO’s, etc, working for and within the Ukrainian community.  We will also update this article regularly with the latest news and information.

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– Volunteering Registration Form

– Koalicja Otwarty Kraków (Open Kraków Coalition)
–  Associations
– Official Information
– Polish Government
– Małopolska
– City of Kraków
– Poviats/Communes
– Community Support Initiatives
– Refugee Assistance Centre

– Donations & Collection Points
– Donation FAQ’s
– Community Support Initiatives
– Where to Receive Aid & donations
– Szafa Dobra
– General Information
– Longer term Rental
– Guide for Hosts
– Transport
– Legal
– Translation
– Education
– Families (Women & Children)
– Women
– Children
– Employment/Jobs
– Psychological
– Missing People
– Blood for Ukraine
– Currency/Financial
– Support Ukrainian Businesses & offers for Ukrainians
– The next steps – practical advice
– Obtaining a PESEL
– Animals/Pets
– Military Support to Ukraine

– What is Needed?
Updated daily with list of most needed items at Daszyńskiego 16 & 22 & Szafa Dobra – Plaza.

– Food Wholesalers
– Collection Points




  • An amendment to the act on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine has come into force. Its goal was to remove the requirement that the arrival of a Ukrainian citizen should come directly from the territory of Ukraine (28.3.22) FIND OUT MORE AT GOV.PL
  • Currently at the Administrative Centre serving refugees from Ukraine in TAURON Arena Kraków there are 22 positions to handle issues related to giving PESEL number. The next 8 are already prepared and will start running soon.  Due to the event taking place in the evening in the main hall, on Saturday (March 26), the centre’s operations will be shortened until 16:00. (via (25.3.22)
  • Update from (17/03) on PESEL & free transport
  • Centrum Pomocy Prawnej im. Haliny Nieć have published an excellent short guide to the new law relating to refugees from UA.
  • REVOLUT – Launching simplified payment services for UA refugees.
  • New City operated Clothing Dispensing Point
    As part of the municipal fundraiser for Ukraine, the inhabitants of Krakow donated large amounts of clothes. Some of them went to the needy in Ukraine, and some will be issued to refugees at a specially prepared point at ul. Łagiewnicka 54. The point will open tomorrow – it will start its activity by issuing children’s clothes.
  • Kraków dla dzieci z Ukrainy / Краків для дітей з України-  FB Group for Children’s initiatives for kids from Ukraine.
  • Attention change of location for Collections The collection from individual donors until Friday takes place at the City Stadium. H. Reyman, . 12.00 – 6.00 pm.  (11.3.22) On Saturday and Sunday. 10am-3pm the collection will be held in the 100-lecia Cracovii przy al. Focha 40.   An earlier segregation of gifts will make it easier for volunteers to work.Please bring donations from organised groups, as so far, to the hali na Rybitwach – ul. Bartników 10. During the week 9am-6pm, and on the weekend hours. 9am-3pm. Due to traffic, we ask that transport be carried out by vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons   (source FB)
  • Personal Safety Section updated with essential safety advice.
  • Appeal to grocery stores – not to throw away food
  • WISŁA stadium, Reymonta, will temp halt issuing aid, but continue collecting it, from 10.3
  • Missing People section added
  • Added food wholesalers
  • The Ukrainian army have launched a website for those seeking to volunteer to fight for Ukraine – FIGHTFORUA.ORG
  • Area/Community support groups added
  • Poviat/Commune co-ordinator added
Second refugee point opens at train station. (9.3.22)
In the building of the Old PKP Station – entrance from the back – from the platform 1.  This is a place of temporary accommodation (1-2 days) and rest. Food and hygiene products are needed there. Best to approach first and ask what is needed at this point, then go shopping (e.g. in the nearby Gallery – there are Biedronka, Rossman and Carrefour). You can also ask a volunteer to help with moving the purchases.

Draft law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in Poland, passed (7.3..22)
Draft law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with an armed conflict in the territory of that state (pdf download)


The Multicultural  Centre of Kraków (Centrum Wielokulturowe w Krakowie)  are collating volunteer offers.
Please sign up using the form linked to above.



If you want to volunteer to help the Ukrainian community, please complete the online form:

People who want to declare their support in transport of people and goods, please fill out the form:

Transport Volunteers: Formularz dla volontariuszy / Volunteer sign-up form.


Punkt Pomocy – ul. Radziwiłłowskiej 3 / Пункт допомоги – Живи у Краков FB Page

If you can and want to work in our point, helping refugees 3-4 hours a day, 2-4 times a week – contact us.

We are looking for people who will be able to use our phone line (work with a laptop), speak Polish and Ukrainian, or speak at least one of these languages. We provide meals to volunteers, and in case of need – psychological support. Period working around the clock.

You can sign up for our volunteer base here

The Help Point „Żyj w Krakowie” – “Live in Kraków” is co-created by Salam Lab , Klub Ukraiński w Krakowie – Fundacja Zustricz , JCC Krakow and Szlachetna PACZKA . Find us at ul. Radziwiłłowskiej 3.

Zupa dla Ukrainy Kraków
TRANSPORT VOLUNTEERS are wanted // write: to Zupa dla Ukrainy Kraków (29.3.22)
If you have time to volunteer at the Solny Squad and you are mobile, this is the moment  The main part of our activity is to collect soups and other products and transport them to points all over Krakow.
If you are able to support the Soup team in this area, let me know. Even if it’s only once a week between 10:53 and 13:17, it’s a huge support.


If you can and want to work in our Point, helping refugees 3-4 hours a day, 2-4 times a week – contact us.
We are looking for people who will be able to use our phone line (work with a laptop), speak Polish and Ukrainian, or speak at least one of these languages. We provide meals to volunteers, and in case of need – psychological support. Period working around the clock.
You can sign up for our volunteer base here 👉
The Help Point “Live in Kraków” is co-created by the Association Salam Lab , Klub Ukraiński w Krakowie – Fundacja Zustricz , JCC Krakow and Szlachetna PACZKA . Find us by the street. 3rd Radziwłówka


#PomagamUkrainie – co-ordination of humanitarian aid
Polish Government resource to co-ordinate volunteer and support offers & opportunities.



Koalicja Otwarty Kraków (Open Kraków Coalition)

An ‘Open Kraków (Otwarty Kraków) Coalition has been formed bringing together 51 (and growing) organisations to co-operate and work together in support of Ukrainians in Kraków, and provide support to Ukraine.

Follow the coalition social media for essential updates, appeals etc.

Koalicja Otwarty Kraków (Open Kraków Coalition – which includes KED)
Koalicja Otwarty Kraków Facebook
Koalicja Otwarty Kraków Grupa Facebook Group
#KoalicjaOtwartyKrakow: dziecko w szkole, język, pomoc psychologiczna FB Group
Koalicja Otwarty Kraków Instagram
Koalicja Otwarty Kraków Twitter

Summary of City of Kraków & Open Krakow Coalition resources & info

Other organisations RECOMMENDED
UAinKRAKÓW Is the primary source of information and updates in Ukrainian.

UAinKrakow open a Telegram Channel.
We opened a telegram channel! – free opportunities for Ukrainians who moved to Krakow, legal nuances (explained in human language! ) and the latest news about city life. Share among your acquaintances Ukrainians in Poland!  

Fundacja Zustricz
Klub Ukraiński w Krakowie – Fundacja Zustricz Facebook    Legal information & how to help in UA, EN, PL, RU
U-work Facebook
U-work Fundacja
Fundacja Instytut Polska-Ukraina
Związek Ukraińców w Polsce – Kraków/ Об’єднання Українців в Польщі – Краків
NIĆ. Kawiarnio-księgarnia
Fundacja Aktywna Integracja
Foreigners Information Point (Punkt Informacyjny dla Obcokrajowców w Krakowie)
Salam Lab
UA Help Info portal Krakowians for Ukraine Info directory


Ukrainian Consul in Kraków
Ukrainian Embassy in Poland
Ukrainian Embassy in Poland Facebook
Ukraine in Poland – Official Embassy Twitter @UKRinPL

Krakow Opera provides assistance to Ukrainians waiting outside the Consulate General of Ukraine (UAinKrakow)


Straż Graniczna (Border Guard)  – Information on the Polish -Ukrainian border
Ministry of the Interior (MSWiA) – Information for refugees from Ukraine Border updates via the Polish Border Guard. (SG)

The Polish Government has launched a website for Ukrainians in Poland



Are you looking for help?, do you want to support refugees? Visit the ‘I need help’ or te ‘I want to help’ section at #pomagamukrainie

#PomagamUkrainie – co-ordination of humanitarian aid

The Polish Government will use reserve soldiers to run Refugee Relocation Support groups in each Voivodeship.

“I have decided that Territorial Defence Forces will establish Refugee Relocation Support Groups in each voivodship, ” said Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defence.



Help for Ukraine – Małopolska 
Collection of resources from the regional government (Voivodeship)

The V
oivodeship has created. a Helpline for Ukrainians.

It will support the hotline of the Office for Foreigners. At the number: 12 210 20 02, the employees of MUW will provide information to Ukrainians looking for shelter in our voivodeship, the helpline operates 24 hours a day.

Tel .: +48 12 210 20 02

Provincial Coordination Centre of Aid for Ukraine

Check , Facebook & Twitter, for update on initiatives by the City of Kraków.


Hot meals for Refugees
From today, we include help in the form of hot meals from refugees from Ukraine, who arrived in Krakow at night. Meals will be given out at the street Radziwiłłowska Street 3.  A warm meal (soup and second course) will be available for pickup from 13.00. We release today 150 meals.

List of coordinators for providing accommodation and meals to refugees from Ukraine
Coordinators for the provision of accommodation and meals for refugees from Ukraine were appointed in the Krakow poviat and in individual communes of our poviat.  If you want to help and you do not know how to do it or where to start – it is worth starting by contacting the coordinator in your commune.
Czernichów, Iwanowice, Jerzmanowice-Przeginia, Kocmyrzów-Luborzyca, Krzeszowice, Liszki, Michałowice, Mogilany, Skała, Skawina, Słomniki, Sułoszowa, Świątniki Górne, Wielka Wieś, Zabierzów, Zielonki
Coordinator – Izabela Jędrzejek, 604 443 543, 

Mieszkańcy Gminy Michałowice solidarni z Ukrainą FB Group




The Foreigners Information Point have put together a summary of how and where you can help (in UA, PL, EN & RU languages) – Humanitarian and medical aid to Ukraine

Foreigners Information Point – Punkcie Informacyjnym dla Obcokrajowców

Multicultural Centre –  Centrum Wielokulturowe w Krakowie
The Multicultural Centre/Foreigners Information Point have published a summary of the services they provide, at Daszyńskiego 16,22 & 19 and at ‘Szafa Dobra, Plaza.

UPDATED (6.4.22) information about our collections points and the assistance we provide because of the war in Ukraine.

SZAFA DOBRA in the former shopping center Plaza, al. Pokoju 44, works from 10:00 to 18:00, you can bring clothes and shoes from Monday to Saturday (and from 20.04 from Tuesday to Sunday, work schedule unchanged).

From April 20, 2022, we resume the receiving of clean, undamaged and seasonal clothing (spring and summer clothes), from 10:00 to 17:00 by the ramp. We constantly need new underwear (lingerie, bras, socks) of all sizes for men and women, as well as sports shoes (new or clean) and clothing for teenagers from 12 years (for girls and boys).

al. Daszyńskiego 16 is open daily (Monday to Sunday), from 09:00 to 19:00.

Food: including food with long shelf life, energy bars, dried fruits, nuts, canned food, instant cereals, cookies, cooked meals (in jars, in vacuum packs), pasta sauces, instant soups, sweets, sandwich pastes , tea, canned food, cheese and ham (packed in slices), canned fruit, canned vegetables, pasta.

Chemicals and cosmetics: care and hygiene products, body cleansers, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brushes, new women’s, men’s and children’s underwear, sanitary napkins, children’s diapers, adult diapers, paper towels, microfiber towels, cleaning products, baby olives, creams.

Sleeping items: thermal blankets, sleeping bags, sleeping mats (also with foil cover). And we ask you to bring these products, especially food, during office hours (9:00-19:00).
Additionally in the office of the Foundation Internationaler Bund Polska at al. Daszyńskiego 22, we collect and give medicines: painkillers, antipyretics, dressings, disinfectants, medicines for sore throats, coughs, etc.
]The warehouse with medicine is also open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00.
We receive a large number of questions about how our points work now and what kind of help we provide due to the war in Ukraine. Therefore, we have collected all the most important information for you.
Multicultural Centre at Daszyńskiego 22
Here you will find an information point for foreigners – Punkt Informacyjny dla Obcokrajowców w Krakowie. Migrant Info Point Krk, open 7 days a week from 9.00 to 19.00. Consultants provide information in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English. You can also get regular medicines (which are available without prescription) there.
Contact: email – or by phone: +48 887 201 598.

Legal Advice at Daszyńskiego 19 
Lawyers are on duty here from Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 19:00. Pre-registration is required by the number: +48 887 202 701.
Warehouse at Daszyńskiego 16

The warehouse is open from Monday to Sunday from 9.00 to 19.00. Here we accept material aid and provide the necessary things to people who had to leave Ukraine because of the war. Our assortment includes: dry food (cereals, flour, pasta, canned food), cosmetics, household chemicals, cosmetics and food for children, bed linen and sleeping bags.

At this address, you can bring a product from the list that we publish on our social networks on a given day. People who want to get help can also contact here. To get help here, you must have a document which confirms that you crossed the border after February 24 (a stamp in the passport, a certificate from the consulate or a certificate on the provision of a PESEL number after March 16, 2022).

Szafa Dobra (Good Wardrobe) in the former Plaza shopping center, at al. Pokoju 44

It is here that people from Ukraine can get clothes and shoes. “Szafa Dobra” is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00.

At the moment, we have suspended the acceptance of clothes, but we still need new linen and shoes that correspond to the season.

Transcripts of the video in EN and UA can be found here.

The former Plaza shopping centre at  Aleja Pokoju, has been repurposed into a ‘shop’ offering free clothes to Ukrainian refugees.  Szafa Dobra operates rom the former Carrefour supermarket, whilst another area of the disused shopping centre has been converted as a refugee shelter for 390 refugees.

Szafa Dobra opened it’s doors on Friday 11th March after a huge effort by volunteers. the ‘shop’ is open Mon – Fri 10am-6pm to anyone showing a passport stamped after 24th February, and also accepts clothing donations between 10am-5pm.  Organisers request that clothes are clean, undamaged and sorted into male, female, kids.  You can read more about Szafa Dobra here.

Where to receive  aid/donations
List of locations to receive aid/donations (

Kalwaryjska 43, Podgórze

Zupa dla Ukrainy Kraków, Na Zjeździe 8, Zablocia, opp. Plac Bohaterow Getta
A grassroots initiative to cook soups and hot meals in jars for refugees from Ukraine,



Pomoc dla Ukrainy🇺🇦 Допомога Україні: mieszkanie oraz inna pomoc obywatel
POLISH WIDE FB GROUP – One of the largest groups, over 518,000 members!
This group was created for people from Ukraine who are forced to flee and seek safe refuge outside their country. You will find here advertisements about lending / renting you flats, rooms, houses all over Poland and other forms of assistance. It appeals to people who put posts to make it a real help. I understand that not all of us can give up our flat for free, but war is not a situation where you should earn money, as in normal circumstances.

You don’t have an apartment, it’s okay, every form of help counts, from clothes to food, medicines … you want to help, write a post what you can do and there will certainly be someone in need.

Grupa Granica have put together an excellent compilation (In Ukrainian and Polish) of essential information and resources for Ukrainians .

Spółdzielnia Ogniwo Smolki 11a
We would like to invite all the people who came to Krakow from Ukraine. Friday, 18.03.2022, 13.00-15.00
Free coffee and tea, Books for children, Free psychological help

Assistance for Refugees  in UA/PL/EN
A listing service with Legal Aid, transport, accommodation, medical assistance, psychological support, business offer & discounts, help for animals etc.

Foreigners in Ukraine in need of help.   (FB group)
This is a group connecting foreign students and other foreigners in Ukraine who got stranded in Ukraine, and who are trying to leave and access support, with people who offer this support.

Aid for Refugees
Accommodation, Legal Assistance, Transport etc.

Assistance (Ukraine, Transcarpathia) Segítségnyújtás (Ukrajna,Kárpátalja).  Допомога українцям
This group was set up to act as a bridge between individuals, NGOs, public administrations, etc. and assisting organisations to assist and publish official information on refugees from Ukraine Aid for Refugees from Ukraine – Pomoc Dla Uchodźców Z Ukrainy – Directory of resources across PL

#PushForUkraine We help you demand more support to Ukraine from political representatives.

Help UA
Fundraising, accommodation, transport, aid centres, support groups etc.

We help refugees find automatically free accommodation offered by people and institutions willing to help.

Pomoc dla Ukraińców. Grupa oficjal. Praca, transport, noclegi. Допомога (Help for Ukrainians (FB Group 5.2k)
The group’s goal is to HELP in every aspect. Accommodation, work, transport, finding loved ones, family.

Aid for Refugees
Legal assistance, apartments, transport etc PL wide
Here you will find help if you are a refugee from Ukraine and are looking for housing or transport. Search for help, offer help etc


Volunteering in Kraków (Collaborate Kraków!)  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
Widzialna Ręka Kraków  Visible Hands Support FB Group
Visible Hand Poland (International Section) in English  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Kraków Community/Area Support Groups

Krakowskie Dębniki dla Ukrainy
Dear neighbours! Welcome to our local aid group for Ukraine.
We will publish \ information about all kinds of assistance and the need for it. Our neighboUrhood is inhabited by Ukrainian neighboUrs, and there will be more of them.


UPDATE 15.3.22

Centrum Pomocy Prawnej im. Haliny Nieć have published an excellent short guide to the new law relating to refugees from UA.

UPDATE 28.3.22
An amendment to the act on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine has come into force. Its goal was to remove the requirement that the arrival of a Ukrainian citizen should come directly from the territory of Ukraine  FIND OUT MORE AT GOV.PL

Information Point for Foreigners in Krakow, (Punkt Informacyjny dla Obcokrajowców w Krakowie. Migrant Info Point Krk).   al. Daszyńskiego 22, tel. 887 201 598

Free legal advice.  Our Information Desk is open 7 days a week, tel. 887 201 598,

Legal assistance

Legal advisers from the Multicultural Center at ul. Daszyńskiego 22, they provide free individual advice, prepare legal opinions and help in obtaining documents legalising the stay. This service is also provided online. Duty of legal advisers takes place every Tuesday from 15.00-18.00 and every Thursday from 16.00-19.00. You can also contact the lawyers by phone at no. tel. +48 510 080 765 (Tuesdays) and +48 510 065 321 (Thursdays).

We invite all people fleeing Ukraine and in need of legal assistance for free consultations with legal counsel Dr. Adam Bulandra, a specialist in immigration law. Consultations will take place from Monday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

  • Polish and English +48 601866602
  • Ukrainian and Russian, after prior appointment, call +48 691632685 or .

More information here

ZUSTRICZ Foundation,
ul. Karmelicka 34/100
Evening legal assistance 17: 00-23: 00,, 601866602.
Uwaga! Увага!

❗️W związku z dynamicznie zmieniającą się sytuacją na Ukrainie, na naszym blogu można znaleźć odpowiedzi na pierwsze podstawowe pytania dotyczące przekroczenia granicy, stausu uchodźcy, czy pomocy medycznej.

❗️ У зв’язку з динамічно змінюваною ситуацією в Україні, на нашому блозі ви можете знайти відповіді на перші основні запитання щодо перетину кордону, статусу біженця чи медичної допомоги.

❗️ Due to the dynamically changing situation in Ukraine, our blog can find answers to the first basic questions about border crossing, refugee status or medical care.…
Legal Aid for Ukrainians in Kraków (via UAinkrakow)
For Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their homes and come to Poland, the help of lawyers can be especially important. We have compiled a list of points in Krakow where you can get free legal aid.


For our Polish speaking readers and any refugee hosts.  Useful PL – UA phrases when communicating with refugees.  .
In the post you will find phrases that may be useful in communicating with refugees from Ukraine and enable them to help them effectively and a guide on how to read Ukrainian cyrillic.” 
Translators for Ukraine -(Tłumacze dla Ukrainy)  Volunteer translators
A continuously updated list of volunteer translators is publicly available. Persons looking for translators, please contact directly the persons entered on the list, as organisations we do not mediate contacts with translators.



Notification of willingness to provide a flat (short-term and free of charge):
Registration Form

Request for Accommodation
Registration Form


Local Government Assistance Point at Platform 4 Kraków Train Station
People from Ukraine (regardless of nationality) receive housing assistance, information, and something to eat and drink. You can report to the point by phone: 12 210 20 02 and e-mail:

Second refugee point opens at train station. (9.3.22) In the building of the Old PKP Station – entrance from the back – from the platform 1. This is a place of temporary accommodation (1-2 days) and rest. Food and hygiene products are needed there. Best to approach first and ask what is needed at this point, then go shopping (e.g. in the nearby Gallery – there are Biedronka, Rossman and Carrefour). You can also ask a volunteer to help with moving the purchases.
Help Point ‘Live in Kraków’ – Punkt Pomocy “Żyj w Krakowie” (Пункт допомоги) (Живи у Кракові) at Radziwiłłowska 3, Kraków.

We are here to ensure that people fleeing Ukraine can find a safe place. Since the war began, we have helped find shelter for more than a thousand people. Some of them came to us on their own, others – thanks to the work of volunteers who travel to the border. We believe that no one who needs help should be left alone.

What do we do ?
We are organising housing assistance for people who fled Ukraine and want to take shelter in Krakow and Małopolska. If you can and want to help in this way, fill out the form:
We are a 24-hour starting point – anyone who is fleeing Ukraine and is looking for shelter in Małopolska, and there is no apartment yet – can come to us, we organise transport from border points to Krakow.
What are we not doing and who are we not?
❌ we are not a material help point – we do not accept or give out gifts; if you want to give material help, a current list of places where you can do it, you can find the website of Open Krakow
❌ we are not an information point – we do not provide information or legal support;

 If you are ready to share an apartment: +48 123 236 630
 If you are looking for shelter in Kraków or Małopolska: +48 12 323 66 20
Punkt Pomocy – Żyj w Krakowie / Пункт допомоги – Живи у Кракові Facebook Page

These are the main Refugee Centres/Shelters operated by the city. 

Hala 100 Cracovia (by Błonia) MAP
Kolna Sport Centre MAP
Plaza Shopping Centre al. Pokoju
Former Hospital Building
Kliniki Chorób Zakaźnych i Gastroenterologii
przy ul. Śniadeckich 5 MAP

Shopping Centre Offices, Kapielanka (350 beds) (w/e from 24/3)
Centrum Pomocy Ukrainie na ul. Kopernika 21
Refugee Point, ul. Złotej Jesieni 7 (70 beds)

There are other community shelters.
Kamionka 11  (map)


A grassroots social action for those who want to help and for those who are looking for help!  We connect people of good heart with those who need help If you have a place and you are ready to accept residents of Ukraine looking for a safe home, contact us If you came from Ukraine and are looking for a place where you could stay with your family, search our database. If you would like to help, become a volunteer etc. anyone can help!

BONARKA – B Centrum Biurowego B4B w Krakowie
Please pass the information on where Ukrainian refugees can stay. This place is located in the B Office Center B4B Office in Krakow. The site has been prepared and will be operated jointly by B4B owner and B4B-based employees such as #Pegasystems, AMS, Herbalife, Aterima, Cryptotech, Euroclear or Global Logic.

Grupa Zasoby 

Accommodation, Help & Shelter for Ukraine Facebook Group
This group is created to help all Ukrainians, seeking help, shelter and accommodation in the current unprecedented times that their country is facing.  Everyone, who can provide a place/couch, which can serve as a shelter, is welcome to extend their hospitality and offer it in this group.

Krakow Refugee Housing Assistance
A Kraków based community initiative.  Google Form to register offers of accommodation support.
Our non-profit organisation,, was set up by a team of Ukrainians living here in Krakow in response to the war. We have a lot of Ukrainians contacting us about housing. Please fill out our form if you can host and we will be in contact when we have an option that matches your requirements.  While their husbands, sons, brothers, and uncles are left home to defend their country, the least we can do is give them peace of mind knowing their loved ones have safe shelter.

Polski dom dla Ukrainy / Польський дім для України Facebook Group
A group aimed at connecting Ukrainians in need of shelter with people who can help them, in the form of even temporary provision of a roof over their heads.

Rethinking Refugees Accommodation Database
In collaboration with local activists in Poland, Rethinking Refugees are aiding with creating a database for people to help with housing for those coming from Ukraine in Poland. If you are interested in hosting, we would be so grateful if you could please sign up here, so we can have a systematic approach to helping people fleeing the war. Here is the link:

Database of private accommodation for Ukrainian refugees
A community initiative, google spreadsheet with property by voivodship.

Interactive Map of Apartments
A PL wide, community initiative, showing apartments on a map, and allowing people to offer accommodation.

Brokers for Ukraine – Kraków and Małopolska, flats, houses (Pośrednicy dla Ukrainy – Kraków i małopolska mieszkania, domy). (FB Group 1.6k)  Community initiative bringing together estate agents.
The group was established in order to associate the owners of vacant apartments and uninhabited real estate with people in need from Ukraine through agents, acquaintances and friends. For a fee and free of charge. The group is of a non-commercial nature and aims to connect people.

If you are a real estate agent from Krakow and you know the owners who would like to help, exchange information. The cooperation of organisations that have contact with people from Ukraine is also necessary.

Ukraine take Shelter – developed by a group of Harvard students have built a platform to connect refugees and hosts in neighbouring countries.   The most important thing is that the website is safe. The website was analysed by cybersecurity experts, thanks to whom we implemented the best available internet protection. The website also never stores specific location data. Antibot agents are also used to prevent abuse.  Additionally, the site is available in many languages, including Ukrainian and Polish.

Jagiellonian University Accommodation Support
Contact this phone number:12 210 20 02 – Jagiellonian University in Kraków are hosting refugees at their dormitories).

Bonifundo Foundation in Konary (near Kraków).   Tel.: 122561058.   Hrs: 07:30 – 15:30
Mieszkanie dla Ukrainy udostępnię  FB Group
Here you will quickly find a suitable apartment for your friends.
List of coordinators for providing accommodation and meals to refugees from Ukraine
Coordinators for the provision of accommodation and meals for refugees from Ukraine were appointed in the Krakow poviat and in individual communes of our poviat.  If you want to help and you do not know how to do it or where to start – it is worth starting by contacting the coordinator in your commune.
Coordinator – Izabela Jędrzejek, 604 443 543, 
Czernichów, Iwanowice, Jerzmanowice-Przeginia, Kocmyrzów-Luborzyca, Krzeszowice, Liszki, Michałowice, Mogilany, Skała, Skawina, Słomniki, Sułoszowa, Świątniki Górne, Wielka Wieś, Zabierzów, Zielonki


AirBnB announce support for refugees.

    • and Airbnb are announcing that will offer free, short-term housing to up to 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine.
    • These stays will be funded by Airbnb, Inc., donors to the Refugee Fund, and the generosity of Hosts through
    • Anyone interested in opening their homes to support this effort can learn how to get involved at partners with IOM (International Organisation for Migration) to support people fleeing Ukraine

Rooms for Refugees – Hostelworld list of hostel places
We have reached out to our hostel partners across Europe to create a directory of hostels that are able to provide accommodation for refugees fleeing Ukraine.

I can Help Host – Europe wide interactive map – Offering people fleeing the war a safer place to stay   Like,  above, another interactive map to find accommodation for refugees across all EU

Host4Ukraine – Airbnb style site offering refugees a safe place to stay. A very interesting page to find shelter, it also contains other links to other useful websites

Hi there. This is a housing assistance group in Europe for those who want to leave and do not have the opportunity and to whom. Add friends and acquaintances who are currently on the border or planning. Resetting housing contacts, sharing

OLX List free accommodation for Ukrainian Refugees


This is a working doc/spreadsheet I prepared as part of research for a future article on property rental in Kraków. Included here as some may find it useful, for those seeking commercial rather than temporary emergency accommodation from volunteers.

GUIDE FOR HOSTS – pdf download – Polish
GUIDE FOR HOSTS – pdf download – English

The guide was prepared by Katarzyna Podleska, one of the most experienced psychotraumatologists in the country, who worked with the HumanDoc Foundation in Ukraine in Kharkiv – she trained local psychologists to support people who suffered as a result of conflicts.

Psychological advice for hosts and volunteers Highly recommended reading
This FB post has some excellent psychological well being advice for hosts and volunteers, Highly recommend reading this.  In the words of on crisis manager earlier this week, “Wew are in the first 1km of the marathon”.


‘We are here for you. – We would like to remind you that people in need of legal, psychological assistance or any other related to their stay in Poland can contact us via e-mail:


Psychological help – ul. Radziwiłłowska 8b
People in need of support can benefit from psychological help directly at the headquarters of the Crisis Intervention Center at ul. Radziwiłłowska 8b or by contacting the 24-hour telephone number 12 421 92 82 It is also possible to contact us via instant messaging here . The center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Centre of Good Therapy – Centrum Dobrej Terapii  launches free psychiatric and psychological support for refugees from Ukraine. Persons in need can use the help of a psychiatrist or psychotherapist directly (at the headquarters next to ul. Miłkowskiego 7w Krakowie) or online. For help call: 12 264 17 41

UJ Institute of Psychology open psychological support centre for victims of the war in Ukraine


The Department of Ukrainian Studies and Linguistic Controversies has prepared a Polish-Ukrainian phrasebook about how to talk about psychiatric and psychological help.
The dictionary will also be useful for Poles who want to help Ukrainians who came to Poland during the war. The text contains a transcription of Ukrainian terms.
The dictionary can be downloaded from the link:

Centrum Rozwoju Osobowości Inner Home, Smolki 11a
Offer free psychological support for UA citizens. Full details on their FB page.

Psychological advice for hosts and volunteers Highly recommended reading
In order to make an appointment, please contact us at the following telephone numbers:
12 663 24 03
12 663 24 16
on working days: 9.00-17.00
You can also report by e-mail by writing to the following address:
More details here

(Please remember that only a psychologist cannot prescribe medication, only a psychiatrist can do this.

English speaking Psychiatrists in Kraków –Znany Lekarz  


The personal safety of vulnerable people seeking help, together with volunteers and hosts, is becoming increasingly important.

UA IN KRAKOW HAVE DEVELOPED A CHATBOT ON TELEGRAM, to assist Ukrainian women who may be vulnerable to human trafficking and other risks.
‘Looking for a shelter and a job in Europe? Be careful: with the start of the war on the streets of European cities, criminals and human traffickers have increased. In the video, UAinKrakow editor Nastya Podorozhnya tells the simple rules that everyone looking for a favour in Europe should know. Share with your friends!’

Add to your contacts “Martinku” – a new chat-bot on Telegram, a private project of a participant of our editorial office that will help Ukrainians who have been caught by thieves! Martynka will find a doctor, a lawyer, will help with translation into Polish language in the police department or just listens.

Save the Bot Link:


The Polish Government and various organisations have issued leaflets and advice in several languages.











CALL: +48 22 6280120


Polish Government Leaflets:
Flyer UA.pdf
Flyer PL.pdf 

The University of Warsaw have also published important safety information leaflets

A collective of Kraków organisations have produced a safety advice leaflet.

Polish Police have also created a personal safety leaflet

Polish Police launch hotline & email for human trafficking reporting
The Police Headquarters launched emergency telephone numbers and e-mail contacts for people who want to provide the Police with information about cases of trafficking in human beings, sexual crimes, and disappearances of refugees and their families residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland in connection with armed operations in Ukraine.

The Center for the Search for Missing Persons of the Police Headquarters has launched a special telephone number 47 72 123 07 (for people calling from abroad +48 47 72 123 07) and an e-mail box: , where you can send and obtain information and assistance in situations related to the disappearance of people who have crossed the border of the Republic of Poland in connection with military operations conducted in Ukraine.

The Department for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings of the Criminal Bureau of the KGP runs two communication channels. Information on all forms of trafficking in human beings may be sent to the police officers at the e-mail address: .  Additionally, a special helpline number: 47 72 56 502 is operated (for people calling from abroad: +48 47 72 56 502) . By calling this number, you can provide information on trafficking in human beings, as well as sexual crimes, pedophilia and child pornography.

The helpline is also used to contact non-governmental organisations in helping victims of these crimes. – Anti-trafficking portal


How to take care of your safety when using the help of strangers
Dear friends, we receive various irritating reports from the Polish side of the border, where, unfortunately, people are trying to profit from fraudsters and criminals. There were cases when carriers took a lot of money for their services, exchangers exchanged hryvnia for zlotys at an inflated exchange rate, and unfortunately pimps kidnapped women under the pretext of helping. Please pay special attention to those who help you. Tell your loved ones where you are. Send them the details of the helpers as well as the license plates of the vehicles that transport you.  (source:
Remember that you can always contact the police or call the helpline 112 .

have any of your relatives or friends gone missing?
Contact Polish Red Cross:

The forms below are intended for individuals living on the territory of Poland. If you live abroad please contact the Tracing Service of the Red Cross / Red Crescent in your country.

Tracing Request Form EN – PDF download
Tracing Request Form PL – PDF download
Tracing Request Form UA – PDF download
Tracing Request Form RU – PDF download



Medical services for citizens of Ukraine
Ukrainian citizens arriving to Poland as a consequence of military aggression of Russia on the territory of Ukraine, may visit family doctor, specialist or hospital to get medical assistance free of charge. For this, one should present a confirmation of legal residence in Poland after February 24th, 2022 as a consequence of a military conflict. If such patient asks for help, the doctor:
– should not refuse to provide the required service;
– should not direct a patient to another institution;

– should not demand to pay for the service.

Such medical services will be covered from National Healthcare Fund of Poland (NFZ)
(source NFZ)

UJ Collegium Medicum, Offer medical Support to Ukrainians.

Medics for Ukraine
Medics offer help to refugees from Ukraine who are already in Poland. If you know someone who needs medical attention, please send a report to: . Applications can be submitted in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Polish. Among the medics there are doctors who provide specialist help.

Free medical care for women
For women fleeing Ukraine, we provide a list of medical facilities, doctors and midwives who provide gynaecological and obstetric, lactation and paediatric assistance.

List of places offering free gynaecological help [pdf]


IKP Internet ePatient Account now available in Ukrainian

Refugees with cancer can continue their treatment in Poland (UA in Kraków)


UPDATE – Tue 15th March
Gotowi oddać krew! – Ready to give blood!
As the result of an initiative by President Duda,  a database of people willing to donate blood is being created.

Taking into account the exceptional circumstances, as well as the special commitment of Poles and the willingness to donate blood for Ukrainian citizens, a form has been developed, under which it is possible to declare readiness to donate blood as help for our neighbours.

REGISTER TO GIVE BLOOD FOR UKRAINE – click for online form

Blood for Ukraine!
The most important! Report to point blood donation ul. Rzeznicza 11 in #Krakow .
Before donating: rest, hydrate well and eat something light!
In answer to frequent questions – ‘where can I supply blood for Ukraine?’ on the blood donation website, they always provide this response:-
“Blood is collected at these points + additionally on away actions. Which blood will be used where it will be used is decided by RCKiK together with the National Blood Centre”


” At the moment, Poland is not supporting Ukraine with blood supplies, but it is ready for it – said Beata Mazurek, director of the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Treatment in Krakow on Saturday. It is to this facility that Malopolska’s inhabitants have flocked in recent days to donate blood with wounded Ukrainians in mind. Only on Saturday, 150 people donated blood in the center.”

From next Friday (25.03.2022. ), under the power of the NBP agreement with the National Bank of Ukraine, every adult citizen of Ukraine, who fled before the war, will be able to exchange max. 10k playing. The exchange will be possible after a round, official, not a office course. For this purpose, the National Bank of Poland has taken up cooperation with PKO Bank Polski, in which branches will only be exchanged banknotes with 100, 200, 500 and 1 thousand nominees. hrywien for a total amount of 10 thousand. hrywien for one adult.
PKO Bank Polski starts exchanging hryvnias for zlotys. Addresses of branches in Krakow (via UAinKrakow)
PKO BP bank. From today UA citizens can open accounts with any document of identity, including a notification of PESEL and consulate’s consent.


Grupa transport – UA/PL Facebook Group

Drive for Refugees – matching drivers with refugees

President Jacek Majchrowski signed an ordinance exempting refugees from Ukraine from fees for traveling by public transport. The document entitling to the exemption will be a referral to stay in the place of accommodation, issued by the Małopolska Voivodship Office in Krakow. More information here .

Dictionary of basic Ukrainian-Polish phrases for trams and buses

Temporary free parking on production of a passport entry stamped after 24th Feb.

From February 26, 2022 citizens of Ukraine after crossing the Polish border can use class 2 trains of economic categories TLK and IC PKP Intercity in national communication.

WIZZ OFFER 100,00 Free tickets
We’re offering free tickets for short-haul flights from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.
The indicated number of tickets (100.000) at 0 EUR price applies until availability lasts for selected flights departing in March 2022. One carry-on bag (max: 40x30x20cm) is included. Trolley bag and each piece of checked-in baggage is subject to additional fees. Valid Ukrainian ID required at booking and check-in. The price applies only to bookings made on

29.99 EUR and 69.99 EUR fares
One way price, including administration fee. One carry-on bag (max: 40x30x20cm) is included. Trolley bags, each piece of checked-in baggage and additional services are subject to additional fees. Valid Ukrainian ID required at booking and check-in. The price applies only to bookings made on

Coach operator Flixbus will transport Ukrainians from Przemyśl and Rzeszów to other Polish cities free of charge.  Details on their FB page.

As part of a community Ukraine Support campaign UBER is offering promo codes to collect you and your donation parcel  and drive you to a red cross collection centre, as well as free rides for refugees from the UA PL border to Lublin or Rzeszów.   There are some conditions.

Use code PCKKRAKOW for parcel collection and deliver to Red Cross Kraków (ul Studencka)

If you want to help a refugee currently on one of the border crossings get to Lublin or Rzeszów
If you are in either of these two cities and you know someone who’s currently in Hrebnne, Budomierz, Korczowa and Medyka who needs help with reaching Rzeszów, or in Dolhobrycz, Dobrohusk, Zosin in need of reaching Lublin, with POMOCLUBELSKIE or POMOCPODKARPACKIE** codes you’ll be able to take a ride to and from either of these crossings free of charge. You can also share the code directly with someone who you know will put it to good use.

Full details on the Uber Blog – Pomoc dla Ukrainy


Obtaining a PESEL number (

Why you need a Pesel (UA) (via
Registration for PESEL commences 16th March (via UA in Kraków)
Gov.PL announcement on UA Refugee Pesel Registration from 16th March
PESEL registration point opens at Tauron Arena – 16/3
Currently at the Administrative Centre serving refugees from Ukraine in TAURON Arena Kraków there are 22 positions to handle issues related to giving PESEL number. The next 8 are already prepared and will start running soon.  Due to the event taking place in the evening in the main hall, on Saturday (March 26), the centre’s operations will be shortened until 16:00. (via (25.3.22)

Centrum Pomocy Prawnej im. Haliny Nieć have published an excellent short guide to the new law relating to refugees from UA.

Family Benefit Information (ZUS)

Free support offer:-
All Ukrainian citizens fleeing to Poland from Putin’s barbaric and shameful act of terror will receive free help from me:

1) support in setting up a business in Poland;
2) support in registering for VAT payer;
3) assistance in registration for social security;
4) explanation of taxes and social security contributions by hiring for an employment contract, commission, specific work;
5) explanation of double taxation of income in Poland and Ukraine;
6) help in the calculation of net salary for work;
7) explanation of tax reliefs, which can be used in Poland.

Information about family benefits for Ukrainian citizens who arrived in Poland after February 23, 2022 because of war,.  Tel:  22 444 02 55 – Mon-Fri 8:00 to 18:00.

ZUS announces that from next Saturday(26/3/22)  Ukrainian citizens, who arrived in Poland after February 23rd, will be able to submit an electronic application for #500plus for children.  A special form in Ukrainian will be available only on PUE ZUS…/informacia-dla-gromadan-ukraini


Buy Ukrainian flags and symbols. Mine’s is flying above KED HQ

If any Ukrainians are aware of any shops or charities selling such items where the money will support Ukrainian people, please let me know and I’ll change the link.


Classes for Ukrainian children
Youth Center at ul. Krupnicza 38 informs that from Monday to Friday, March 4, from 9.00-15.00 organises care for children from Ukraine. A maximum of 50 children can be taken care of by the teachers in the center. If you have any questions, please contact the reception center by phone: 12 430 00 15 ext. 211.

The Hutnik Kraków sports club invites children and youth coming from Ukraine to football training at its Academy. People coming to Krakow from Ukraine and interested in participating in training or people helping them to acclimatise in Krakow can contact directly the director of the Hutnik Krakow Football Academy, Paweł Palusiński, tel. 570 539 636 or .


The School of Polish Language and Culture of the Faculty of Polish Studies of Jagellonian University organises free Polish language courses and free individual classes for citizens of Ukraine who have been in Poland as a result of the war and do not own Poland in your own language. If you are interested, please contact us:
Phone: 12 663 2929




Women’s Support resources.
Important numbers in one place! For women fleeing Ukraine, we share a list of medical institutions, doctors/midwives and midwives that provide free gynaecological, midwifery, lactation assistance.

Free medical care for women – List of places offering free gynaecological help [pdf]
For women fleeing Ukraine, we provide a list of medical facilities, doctors and midwives who provide gynaecological and obstetric, lactation and paediatric assistance.

Kobiety dla Kobiet Women for Women  #solidarnekrakowianki
City initiative. We encourage residents and residents to prepare packages for women fleeing from Ukraine – women’s necessities, which will contain essentials


It is a good opportunity to relax and get to know each other, as well as find inspiration in the world of art and creativity. Each master class has a separate topic, work or collection, around which the museum will offer different activities. The goals are an integration, fun, but also a peaceful spending of time.
For whom: children – 5-14 years, regardless of nationality
When: 13:30-16:00 every Wednesday and Thursday
Where: in different departments of the museum, details about places and departments you can find near the dates of master classes
Participation in master classes costs 1 zł (tickets are available at the museum box office)

A therapeutic fairy tale for Ukrainian children
It’s online for now, but soon also in a paper version.

Fairy tale is the answer to how to help children who came from Ukraine to settle with a new situation. She was created on the initiative of dr hab. Justyny Ziółkowski, prof. SWPS University and Prof. Dariusz Galasiński from the University of Wrocław, who invited a team of 20 specialists from different disciplines to cooperate. Together and pro bono created a story to help children cope with difficult and unknown experiences.

How to help kids from Ukraine. (via Open Kraków)

Colouring in Resource with Ukrainian Kraków Legend stories

Football, wrestling and gymnastics trainings for Ukrainian kids in KS Bieżanowianka.

Good morning Ukraine! – Family Picnic at ICE Sat 19th March 1000-1500

Free Children’s Art Classes – details to be confirmed, ul. Kalwaryjska 29, Kraków.

Free children’s tennis classes – Błonia Sport

Day Care Centre – Pod Baranami
Providing Ukrainian families with free temporary day care for 100 children aged 3-6, for one month. Day Care – Pod Baranami Workshop Centre will be located in the ballrooms of Pałac pod Baranami

Żydowskie Muzeum Galicja Open Daycare Centre

Kraków dla dzieci z Ukrainy / Краків для дітей з України-  FB Group for Children’s initiatives for kids from Ukraine.  ‘In this group, we collect information and cultural and educational offers, suggestions for workshops, classes, meetings for children from Ukraine (or with translation into Ukrainian).’

Sports activities, animations for children, a place to rest – all this will be waiting for children and their guardians from Ukraine in the Children’s Haven, which will be operating in TAURON Arena Krakow from Tuesday.
Applications are accepted by calling 146 146 146 or in person at TAURON Arena Kraków.
Classes will be held at TAURON Arena Kraków at ul. Stanisława Lema 7 (on the B level and in Mała Hala; entrance to the building – no. 1 (from the side of Lema street).

More details at the link:

Children are made to have fun – even in the midst of bad experiences, they look for opportunities for small and big children. Many Cracow entertainment centres, cultural centres and private companies prepared a special offer of free entrance for children who came to Cracow fleeing the war crisis.
Are you a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Father, Brother, Uncle from Ukraine and you want to take your child to a colourful world to help him in this difficult situation? Take advantage of our hints and… for a moment let your thoughts change direction.
1. GOjump – Trampoline Park Krakow
March 9, 2022 at 10:00-21:00 – GOjump doors will be open for Ukrainian children for free all day. Every child can play for an hour on this day.
Price : free of charge
2. Cultural Center Krakow-Nowa Huta
On March 6-18, 2022 at 10:00-18:00 the center branches organize a play space for children with animations and artwork. Details in the event.
Price : free of charge
3. Kino Kyiv Cinema
March 04 – 13, 2022 – screenings of fairy tales for children in Ukrainian language in cinemas.
Price : free of charge
4. Toy Museum Krakow
Tuesdays and Fridays at pm 11am-2pm – A space to view vintage toys and participate in art workshops.
Price : free of charge
5. Anikino – the most diverse birthday party in Krakow
March 1-31, 2022 – the children’s play area is offering free admission for children for 1.5 hours of fun.
Price : free of charge
6. Krakow Zoo
March 7-11, 2022 at 12:00 – sightseeing of the Cracow Zoo combined with workshops with animals. In addition, you can visit the zoo from 10:00-17:00.
Price: 1 PLN
7. Twists
From March 2, 2022 until further notice – free daycare with food for children from 10:00-16:00 in colorful playrooms full of attractions. Need to register your child!!! Read the post above in detail!
Price : free of charge
8. Small Town Big Imagination
Fairytale playroom for children – write to make an appointment for a specific day.
Price : free of charge
9. Workshop Center “Under the Rams” at the Palace Under the Rams Pod Baranami
Free daycare, creative workshops and animations for 100 children for 1 month (March/April)
Cost : free of charge
10. Onshin
March 11, 2022 at 11:00 – Pilates class for moms with children.
Cost : free of charge
11. Multikino Cracow
March 12 and 13, 2022 – screening of the film with Ukrainian dubbing of Mrs. “A Space Game”.
Cost : free of charge
12. Cinema Kino pod  Baranami
March 5-6 at 11:00 and March 7-8 and 10 at 10:00 – shows of animated fairy tales “Rexio and birds” and “Amazon. The adventures of monkey Sai”
Cost : free of charge
13. Nowohuck Cultural Center
from March 9, 2022 – art, dance, gymnastics, music workshops, Polish language course.
14. Old Town Youth Cultural Center
Monday-Friday from 12:00-15:00 – art, music, circus, dance and table games classes.
15. Arena Tiger

Monday-Friday from 8:00-16:00 – “Children’s Haven”, i.e. sports activities and animations adapted to individual age groups (for over 100 children a day), psychologist support and medical care. Breakfasts and lunches will be provided for children. Caregivers will have a meal provided as well as regular access to hot drinks and snacks.

(Many thanks to Marta Hołczyńska Kołek for her support in the creation of this collection! Let’s develop it together.  If you come across an attraction shared on preferential terms for Ukrainian kids – let me know! Let’s complete this post.
Please share this information wherever it can reach Ukrainians and Ukrainian children!!!

LGBT organisation in Krakow, including the coalition Fundacja Równość launched a form for friendly LGBTQ+ quarters in Krakow as well as emails and phones, under which people in need from Ukraine can find support

Do you offer an LGBTQIA-friendly apartment in Krakow and the surrounding area?  Fill out this form !

Are you looking for LGBTQIA-friendly accommodation, support, community in Krakow?

Psychological help
The best way to go!
+48 796 033 101
+48 728 273 738
+48 730 671 408
Language : Polish , English. Please write an sms if you communicate only in Ukrainian.


You can find a comprehensive list of Kraków and Polish LGBT+ groups, pages and information in this article.


The Voivodeship Labor Office in Krakow (Wojewódzki Urząd Pracy w Krakowie) today (21.3.22) launched information points for Ukrainian citizens looking for work and employers offering employment in Małopolska. The service will be conducted in Polish and Ukrainian.
Information points will be open from 8.00 to 16.00.
plac Na Stawach 1,, Kraków.  phone: 12 61 98 400, mail:

More information in Ukrainian at the link:

Hire Ukrainians Affected by War (

A new tab has appeared on the public employment service portal, addressed to Ukrainian citizens.

The tab Rynek pracy – pomoc dla UkrainyLabour market – aid for Ukraine, like the entire portal, is also available in Ukrainian.

The tab contains three information on:
· The labour market in Poland
· The labour market in the European Union

Colorful banner. In the background a red and white flag and a blue and yellow flag. In the center, there is a white inscription LABOR MARKET - help for Ukrainian citizens.

Jobs for Ukrainians  in Poland? (source: Koalicja Otwarty Kraków FB)

According to the procedure currently in the Parliament of Special Law, formalities are to be limited to a minimum – the employer must only send information electronically within 7 days to the district labor office. Every citizen of Ukraine who crossed the border after February 24, 2022 will be able to take the work. The work will be available for 18 months, with the possibility of extension.

Employers are already asking about it,, refugees are asking! On our Facebook group you will find a thread that collects both offers for seekers and job seekers.

Do you need legal support, also in the context of labor law? Remember about legal support of the District Advocacy Council, St. Batorego 17, Krakow, 09:00-17:00.

UA Talents – Find a job in the EU!
UA Talents is an employment platform for Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their homes and move to other cities in Ukraine or abroad

‘good job’ Telegram Channel for UA job seekers

Робота в міжнародній компанії | Corporate Jobs for Ukrainians in PL (FB Group)

Work for Ukrainians Kraków



Information regarding help for animals

Animals – assistance in transport and care in Krakow
Dogs and cats – simplified procedure of entering Poland, click here .


KTOZ – Krakow Animal Welfare Society: place for animals, shelter, treatment, food – phone number 12 421 26 85, 12 429 43 61

KTOZ Facebook

Animals from Ukraine – Zwierzeta z Ukrainy potrzebujące pomocy- тварин з України, які потребують  FB Group

Gabinet na Woli vets can provide pet passport. – Registration of temporary homes for dogs rescued from Ukraine. – A group dedicated to helping dogs and cats. – A group dedicated to helping horses and animals so-called. to the economy. – Shelter in Korabiewice Viva declared the desire to help and care for 20 animals from Ukraine. – The Eugeniusza “Gieniutkowo” Foundation committed to helping and providing shelters for human and non-human animals rescued from Ukraine. – Chief Veterinary Inspectorate Temporary Procedure for the Relocation of animals accompanied by Ukraine without having a complete veterinary documents – Cheers! Interventions also organize aid and shelter for animals from war-covered areas. Want to help – donate financially. The Blind Cats Foundation I’m sure will accept kittens into their temporary homes.


OLX Has a ‘For Ukraine’ section – click on hand icon top left
ALLEGRO  Has a help Ukraine section where you can donate directly.
EMPIK/PONS Offer free UA – PL Language eBook (pdf download)
REVOLUT – Launching simplified payment services for UA refugees.
SANTANDER Bank provide details of procedures for Ukrainians to open account. 
POLISH POST – Offer free parcels up to 20kg from PL to UA
Spółdzielnia Ogniwo, ul. Smolki 11a, Kraków (Podgórze district).

We would like to invite all the people who came to Krakow from Ukraine. If you’re staying at home or in a hostel and you want to go out and rest for a bit, please visit us.
You can have free coffee and tea here. You can hang out, chat, read or use wifi. In our place you can use the toilet. We have a space and toys for children. You can come to our place with a dog.
We do speak Polish, English and a bit Russian.
If you need a translator, you can ask the staff, or write a message on Instagram @liliazwuu
Spółdzielnia Ogniwo, ul. Smolki 11a, Kraków (Podgórze district).
Monday-Saturday: 12.00-21.00
We would like to encourage all who are running cafes in other areas to join the action. Let’s create a local network. If you want to join, please fill the form below and we will put your place on the map.

The Ukraine  Crisis Media Centre provide. a detailed step by step guide for foreigners wishing to volunteer for the Ukrainian Foreign Legion (International Brigade). (Source: Ukraine  Crisis Media Centre)

AMW – Polish Army Military Surplus Agency

Appeal for Protective vests, helmets & other military/tactical kit. Via Oleg Kondratiuk on FB

I would like to ask for your help. I need sets of protective vests, helmets and few other things to deliver to one of the towns in Ukraine as lots of new recruiters have weapons but lacking protection gear. It is my own initiative agreed with local Ukrainian Military Forces member working in recruitment.
What exactly we need to buy:
Thermal clothes M/L/XL
Night vision binoculars
Tactical gloves
Ballistic glasses
First Aid Kits
Drones DJi with ocusync
Satellite phones
Garmin GPS
How to help:
• You can buy any mentioned item (or find a similar/same item in other places) and send them my way (Kraków). I will share address in priv. (best option)
• You can donate some money, that I will use to buy needed items. PM me for bank details or use:
All bought and donated items will be posted on my FB page.  I will collect and buy the items and will transport them to Ukraine.  Thank you.
I am not a military expert, nor do I have military experience. I am a regular guy working here in corpo whose parents are left in Ukraine. I am doing the only thing I can do, and I will deliver everything that I gathered.


We strongly advise you contact the collection point first to check what their requirements are.

The city collection point organisers ask that you please sort the gifts and describe them by category.


A list of the most needed items at Multicultural Centre Collection Points :- Daszyńskiego 16 & 22 and at SZAFA DOBRA - 'GOOD WARDROBE', (Plaza) Al Pokoju 44, Kraków, is published daily at the link below.

People who came to Krakow will need not only food and basic personal hygiene products, but also household chemicals such as washing powders or dishwashing liquids. Apart from blankets and sleeping bags, you will also need bed linen and towels. We kindly ask you to provide new items as much as possible .

Important!  We do not collect: clothes (at Daszynskiego), soups prepared for jars, preserves and products with a short shelf life, fresh fruit, vegetables, or food products that require refrigeration.

Telephone contact regarding the (city) collection : 12 616 18 79 from 12.00-20.00 or via e-mail : .

Most Needed items JCC Kraków (Updated 30.3.22)

 THE MAIN COLLECTION POINTS Operated: by the City of Kraków::-

Wisła stadium Kraków – Stadion Miejski im. Henryka Reymana. (every day from 12.00 – 22.00)

Museum of Municipal Engineering. Świętego Wawrzyńca 15, 33-332 Kraków
NB – Please check this one before visiting as we passed by here recently and so no signs of aid activity.

Krzysztofory Palace Rynek Główny 35.  Open 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

Summary of City & Coalition operated Donation Collection Points (

Radziwillowska 3.

JCC Kraków ul. Miodowa 24, (pon., czw., 10.00 – 18.00)
JCC Housing Assistance (in PL and ENG) +48539614279
JCC Ukrainian Hotline +48882627682
Everyone welcome regardless of nationality or background
open 7 days a week with Ukrainian speakers

Berka Joselewicza 21  (especially baby items, diapers, food, women’s & children’s clothing)

HelloDent or Tasca Ruczajnik, Ruczaj 39
Batorego 2/6
Zajazd Kościuszki – Białoprądnicka 3 (open 10-18)
Szkoła Podstawowa no 58. Room 17. Ul Pigonia. (Monday to Wednesday, March 2nd.)
Teatr Ludowy at os. Teatralne 34
Batorego 2/6 (10 to 18)
HelloDent Tasca Ruczajnik, ul. Ruczaj 39
Podgorza Museum (10-17)
Kolping in Poland, przy ul. Żułowskiej 51 ( 9:00-16:00)
Klezmer Hois, ul. Szeroka 6 (every day from 9.00 – 22.00)
Kawiarnio-księgarnia NIĆ , ul. Sławkowska 28, (every day 8.00 – 20.00)
Aleja Jana Pawła II 232 Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury (7.00 – 22.00)
Cerkiew greckokatolicka w Krakowie, ul. Wiślna 11, , enter via ‘Padre’  ul. Olszewskiego (9.00-19.00)
Hotel Krakus ul. Nowohucka 35 clothes, food, hygienic products

We will continue adding to this document. If you have additional places, please let us know and we will add them..

Many thanks to Karolina Besenić for assisting in  the compilation of this section.

New appeal from Foreigners Info Point.
Punkt Informacyjny dla Obcokrajowców w Krakowie. Migrant Info Point Krk
We are looking for Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking volunteers willing to become part of the Ukrainian community in Krakow.

If you want to support the Ukrainian community as part of this volunteer initiative with translation or assistance in everyday activities, or if you are a doctor, teacher, lawyer, be sure to contact us. +48 887 201 598.

Polska Misja Medyczna / Polish Medical Mission❗️ PILNE UKRAINA – Pilna pomoc medyczna

Locations offering food for refugees are listed in this article (


Buying in bulk is more cost effective and assists with logistics.
Makro (Bronowice & Zakopianska)
Selgros  (Nowahucka)
Rybitwy Wholesale Market

Please consider buying supermarket vouchers, such as Biedronka, they are easier to store and issue, and the person receiving can then purchase whatever they need, not just take what’s available at the food points.


City of Kraków Fundraising for Ukraine
Since the beginning of the war, Kraków municipal institutions, residents and volunteers have been involved in helping Ukraine. Now you can support those in need not only by collecting gifts or volunteering, but also by making a donation to dedicated bank account. Payments can be made in four currencies, and the transfer title should read “Aid for citizens of Ukraine”.

Bank account numbers to support citizens from Ukraine:

  • PLN: PL 75 1020 2892 0000 5502 0800 1069
  • EUR: PL 02 1020 2892 0000 5602 0800 0103
  • GBP: EN 54 1020 2892 0000 5602 0800 0137
  • USD: EN 02 1020 2892 0000 5902 0800 0053


Recipient of transfer : City Hall of Kraków, al. Powstania Warszawskiego 10, 31-549 Kraków.
Title of transfer : “Pomoc dla citizens of Ukraine / Aid for citizens of Ukraine”. – Ukraine war info & ways to help.
Donation links, helping: volunteers, veterans, army, children, journalism

UA IN KRAKÓW are starting a fundraiser.     @uainkrakowportal

Polish Centre for International Aid Appeal (PCPM – Polskie Centrum Pomocy Międzynarodowej)

Save Life in UA Appeal

Direct support for Ukrainian families in Poland

Ukrainian charities: a guide for international supporters

Victims of War in Ukraine FB
Appeal for funds to provide ‘Dutch caravan’ mobile homes for refugees.

Consider donating money that will go directly to the Ukrainian army
The National Bank of Ukraine has opened an account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The  account number is: UA843000010000000047330992708
Caritas Polska has transferred 100 thousand zlotys to Caritas Ukraine. You can contribute, too. opened a fund for the victims of putins insanity
Polish Red Cross collects money for Ukraine.

Ukraine Crisis Media Centre
Euromaidan Press

Генеральний штаб ЗСУ / General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine FB
Armed Force of Ukraine

Polish Radio 1 broadcasts special news services in Ukrainian at 225 kHz

KRAKOW.PL (official city website)
WYBORCZA.PL in English United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
THE FIRST NEWS (English)  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
TVN24 (English)  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 






  1. Cristina Balan

    Please remove Museum of Municipal Engineering as collection point. I have been there and there is no indication they collect anything and it is confusing for your expat community that tries to help. Thank you.

    1. This was an official announcement by the City.
      “We have launched an additional warehouse in Muzeum Inżynierii Miejskiej in Kaimierz. We accept donations from organized collections and individual individuals. Entrance from Gasowa street.”

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