Monday 17th May, was International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT).

To mark the occasion we have updated a previous article, to include, recent city initiatives and a list of resources in the Kraków LGBT+ scene.

What is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT) all about?

You can read more on IDAHOBIT at

LGBT+ clubs, pubs, places in Krakow

Klub Pozytywka
Club Cabaret
Club Papuga

and in the Old Town:
Lindo Bar

LGBT+ organisations in Krakow
There are many NGO’s, organisations and social media groups, there is  even an LGBT+ Choir: Krakofonia.

   Gay Friendly Poland
  Kraków LGBT+    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
   Kraków LGBT    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  Poland
   LGBT Kraków United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
   Pride Pride (Kraków LGBT) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
   Imprezy LGBT Kraków   Poland
   Out in Kraków Gay Events (Kraków Gay pub crawl)   United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
   Gay/Les friendly Kraków Poland
   DOM EQ (Virtual LGBT Information Centre   United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  Poland
   LGBT Polska Poland
   Queerowy Maj (Equality Parade organisers Poland   Poland
   Znaki Równości/DOM EQ Poland   United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

House of Equality (DOM EQ)
On 15th June 2019,  the House of Equality in Krakow opened, at ul. Czyżówka 43, to inform and integrate Kraków’s LGBT+ community. DOM EQ  is a cultural and information centre, where the LGBT+ community and supporters gather, organise events and share experiences.  The centre is all about diversity and inclusion (LGBT+ will be the main focus but other strands of diversity will be also included).

Krakowskie Centrum Równości DOM EQ!

You can find out more about DOM EQ at:

   LGBTQ+ Community Centre DOM EQ  (English)
   DOM EQ Community FB Group

Equality Parade 2021
Traditionally held in May, the annual Equality Parade will take place later this year due to Covid restrictions, on Saturday, 14th August,  starting at 3pm in front of the National Museum, al. 3 Maja, Kraków. In previous years around 10,000 people took part in the parade.

   Saturday 14th August 2021
   in front of National Museum (MNK), Al. 3 Maja.

   Facebook Event
   Organiser Facebook Page – QueerowyMaj

You can see some of our photographs of a parade which took place a few years ago here: (NB Happily, the disturbances and attempts by thugs to disrupt the parade, which took place that year have been very rare and never happened since to such an extent)

   2012 Equality Parade Photographs

City of Kraków Equality Initiatives
We are fortunate to live in a City which is comparatively open to it’s LGBT+ community, and which actively supports LBGT+  residents and visitors.  The city have created a number of initiatives, including:-

Equality May („Maj równości”)

“May of Equality” is an initiative whose aim is to create an equality cultural program involving as many municipal cultural institutions as possible. In this way, we would like to look for new, common fields of dialogue and to emphasize the city’s commitment to combating discrimination on many levels.

All events deal with anti-discrimination and equality issues, issues of exclusion, women’s rights, people with disabilities, and the rights of the LGBT + community. They focus on counteracting hate speech and promoting the idea of ​​accessibility.

   Equality May Programme of Events(
   Equality May Programme of Events (PDF download – Polish)

We Say NO to Discrimination
As part of Equality May, and the National campaign “LGBT + me”, („LGBT+ja”), which focuses on the difficulties faced byLGBT + teenagers .  Soon,  stickers saying “We say NO to discrimination” will appear across the city.

If you would like to participate in this campaign, and show your support, Stickers can be collected at the Department of Social Policy and Health in the building of the Krakow City Hall, at ul. Dekerta 24. please contact us in advance at or by calling 12 616 52 67.

You can read more about the ‘We say NO to discrimination, (Dyskryminacji mówimy NIE!) campaign here.

Poland ranked worst country in EU for Homophobia
Whilst the City of Kraków, along with other town’s, cities and regions elsewhere across Poland, are making commendable efforts to recognise, equality and fairness for all, including LGBT+, we all know that, sadly,  there are still too many instances where this is not the case.

A report published today, ranks Poland as the most homophobic country in the EU, for the 2nd year running, according to the annual “Rainbow Map” produced by NGO ILGA-Europe.

Kraków Expats Directory supports a diverse, open, tolerant and friendly society.  We want our Kraków international community to be a safe, inclusive place, open to all, regardless of their nationality, religion, beliefs, politics or sexual orientation.

These principles are, or should be, universal, and should apply everywhere to everyone, however they are especially important today in Poland.

If you are aware of any LGBT+ friendly places, resources or information which may be of interest to our community please get in touch and we’ll add them to this article.  Please feel free to share this.


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