Covid Update – Easing of restrictions & vaccinations for 16/17yr olds

Latest news on Covid restrictions and vaccinations

On Saturday 15th May, the first of the more significant and much anticipated restrictions will be lifted, whereby face masks will no longer be required in open spaces, and the one many of us have been waiting for…  pub/cafe/restaurant gardens opening for customers.

Additionally, the Polish Government have announced that the easing of some restrictions will be brought forward, and that 16/17 year olds can register for the Covid Vaccination.

The Government have made the decision to ease the restrictions at a National level as the number  of infections has fallen.

We have summarised the recent announcements below:

Outdoor Pub/Cafe/Restaurant Gardens Open
With effect from today, outdoor beer gardens are allowed to open under ‘sanitary conditions‘. 

Onet are reporting that many people were eager to enjoy their new found maskless, outdoor drinking and eating freedom, peter kazaneczki onetin Kraków and across Poland, with many places busy as midnight passed.

Photo by Peter Kozanecki Onet were out and about after midnight to photograph customers enjoying moonlit drinks, for the first time in what felt like an eternity. You can see their photographs here.

Face Masks no longer required to be worn outside!
From today (Saturday 15th May) there is no longer an obligation to wear face masks outdoors. Face masks must still be worn, inside,
 in stairwells, shops, churches or public transport etc.

The mouth should also be covered in public buildings intended for the needs of: public administration, justice, culture, religious worship, education, higher education, science, education, health, social or social care, banking, trade, gastronomy, marketplaces and post offices as well as during the exercise of religious worship. RMF FM have an informative article with details of where masks still require to be worn.

In restaurants, the regulation with regard to the premises or a separate food zone stipulates that customers are required to cover their mouth and nose until they are in places where they will eat food and drinks. The obligation to wear masks still applies to staff.

The Police have announced that checks will still be carried out and reminded the public that there is still a requirement to maintain a distance of 1.5m in public spaces. Read more here.

Other changes taking effect from 15th May:

  • Culture – Open air theatres and cinemas are allowed to open, under 50% occupancy and strict sanitary regime.
  • Special Events Outdoors, such as communions, weddings etc – Limit now 25 people, safe distance between tables etc.
  • Education – hybrid education for Primary Schools grades 4-8 and Secondary Schools grades 1-4.
  • Sport – maximum 25% spectators at outdoor sporting events.

Lifting of some restrictions moved forward.
Cinemas, theatres and cultural institutions will now reopen from 21st May, not the the 29th as originally planned.

New announcement re Casinos  & Amusement Parks
From 28th May to 5th June casinos and amusement parksexcluding water parks and swimming pools – will be allowed to open under strict sanitary conditions. Read more here.

Gyms and swimming pools will open 1 day earlier than planned, opening now on the 28th of May.

Poland to Vaccinate 16-17 year olds
From Monday 17th May, 16 and 17 year  olds will be allowed to register for a Covid vaccination.  They will require parental consent to register, but the parent will not need to accompany them to the vaccination point.  Only the Pfizer vaccination will be used, as this is currently the only one licensed for use on this age group within the EU.  A separate registration form, including a parental consent section,  will be available on the Government Health Ministry Covid website from Sunday.

You can read more on this announcement here, in Polish.

Common Vaccination Point – Tauron Arena
A common vaccination point opened on 7th May at Tauron Arena, which will operate seven days a week from 8am – 8pm.  Vaccination points will be in the main foyer.  People are asked to attend no more that 10-20 minutes before their scheduled vaccination appointment, and use entrance number 1 (opposite Stanislaw Lema Street).

Registration for vaccination
Registration for vaccination at the TAURON Arena Kraków point takes place, in accordance
with the National Vaccination Program, through several channels, which are:

  • 24/7 free helpline – 989
  • electronic e-Registration
  • sending an SMS to the number 664 908 556 or 880 333 333 with the following text: SzczepimySie
  • telephone registration at the vaccination point under the telephone number – 12 349 15 00 .

Getting to the Vaccination Point
The facility is very well connected with the rest of the city. There are both tram and bus stops close to TAURON Arena Kraków (access by trams no .: 1.4, 5, 9, 10, 14, 22, 49, 52, access by buses no .: 124, 128, 424), as well as a stop taxis.

The main entrance to the facility (No. 1) is located on the side of ul. Lem. There are wide stairs leading to it, as well as a ramp for the disabled.

For those coming for vaccination, a free outdoor (upper) car park is available – with access from ul. Lem.

More information can be found on

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