Many of you may already have seen the new ‘Kraków Dragon’ mural being painted on the Wisłą boulevard Bulwar Wołyński between Wilga and Forum. 

We stumbled across the artist Jerzy Rojkowski, putting the finishing touches to his work, and recorded a wee video chat with him.

Jerzy describes the mural as the Kraków Dragon, but  with a twist, as ‘Kraków is the dragon’, the body of the mythical beast is made up of elements and landmarks, from the city

You can find Jerzy on Facebook at:-

  Imp2k – murale i graffiti

  Jerzy Rojkowski Facebook

Mural Silva Rerum
Is mentioned in the video, by Jerzy, who was one of the artists creating this huge mural.  Mural Silva Rerum – is a large mural depicting the history of Krakow from the earliest times to the present day, created on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of Krakow ‘s location .

It was painted on the retaining wall of Lasota Hill at al. Powstańców Śląskich, near the Kraków Krzemionki railway station . In May 2007, it was probably the largest historical mural in the world (5 m high and 90 m long). (source Wikipedia)

Kraków TV
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