National Lockdown Announced

Health Minister announces National Lockdown from Saturday

The Government today announced a National lockdown effective from Saturday 20th March to Friday 9th April.

School children in grades 1-3 will return to remote learning, kindergartens and nurseries will remain open.

The following businesses must suspend their activities:

  • Hotels – with the exception of,  workers’ hotels, as well as accommodation provided as part of business trips.
  • Shopping Malls – with the exception of certain categories of stores including: grocery stores, pharmacies and drugstores, bookstores, pet stores and DIY stores.The following services and stores within shopping centres, will be allowed to continue to operate; hairdressing, optical, banking, laundry services.
  • Theatres, museums, art galleries (however, it will be possible to organise rehearsals and exercises, as well as online events) 
  • Cinemas (the prohibition of screening films also applies to cultural centers) 
  • Swimming Pools (except swimming pools performing medical activity and for members of the national team) 
  • Saunas, solariums, Turkish baths, weight loss salons, casinos 
  • Ski Slopes 
  • Fitness clubs and gyms 
  • Sports Facilities (they can only operate for the needs of professional sports and without the participation of the public).

There are no restrictions on movement, and churches, unsurprisingly!,  will be allowed to remain open. For the time being, the churches maintain the rule of one person per 15 square meters.

The Health Minister also appealed to employers to switch to remote work, if possible.

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  1. Paul Stevens

    Thank very informative, are there any changes to arrivals onto Poland from other countries ?

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