Are you a foreigner in Kraków?
I’d like to ask for a few minutes of your time to complete a very short survey regarding the Foreigners Information Point which serves our International Community here in Kraków, as part of the Otwarty Kraków Programme.

The Info point has recently undergone a change of operator, therefore I’d like to take this opportunity to review the awareness of and feedback on delivery of the service, providing a view from our community on the info point, both past use and future expectations.
I am a member of the implementation team for Otwarty Kraków, yet it is my personal belief that the ‘visibility & awareness’ of the info point has some room for improvement. I may be about to be proved wrong of course.
I simply want to ensure that as many people are aware of the service, and that it works for all of us. Our Otwarty Kraków team meet later this week, when the operation of the Info Point will be discussed. I’m personally excited and very optimistic with the new team who have recently taken over, and believe it will go on to develop greatly to the benefit of those involved and the service users.


Please take a few moments to complete this short form, it only has a handful of questions, most of which are yes/no.

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Or fill in the form here: 

Find out more about the Information Point, Multicultural Centre & Otwarty Kraków:
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The Information Point & Multicultural Centre are currently appealing for volunteers to work with them. Click on the link below to find out more.
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