Changes to traffic organisation by Wawel Castle

New traffic prohibition with effect from 15.2.21

From today (Monday, 15/2/21), new traffic restrictions prohibiting the movement of traffic by Wawel Castle come into effect.

Traffic, with a few exceptions, listed below, is now prohibited from driving round the back of the castle, via ul. św. Idziego iPodzamcze, between the area at the foot of Grodzka, round the back of the castle, past Kanonicza towards the river (Powisłe).

There are mixed feelings amongst drivers and residents, with some bemoaning being deprived of this popular transit shortcut, whilst others have stated the restriction is long overdue.

Cracow. From February 15, the communication revolution near Wawel

The following vehicles will be permitted to enter the restricted traffic zone on ul. st. Idziego and Podzamcze:

  • Residents with a K type parking subscription to sectors A1, A2, A4,
  • Between 8pm. to 9pm,  and 1pm – 2pm  only for un/loading and maintenance activities
  • Bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, consular corps, diplomatic corps, public transport , taxis, post office,
  • Special services, municipal services, medical assistance,
  • Access to the property, garage or reserved reserved space on ul. Podzamcze, ul. św. Idziego  and Wawel Royal Castle,
  • Access to the property at ul. Grodzka 64,
  • Supplying the property at ul. św. Gertrudy 26-29,
  • With the permission of the Krakow City Roads Authority.
Traffic Restrictions Wawel Kraków
Photo credit: Andrzej Banaś

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