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An elite schools with a long tradition

Kolegium Europejskie in Krakow is a privately-owned bilingual preschool, bilingual primary school and an IB secondary school with a long tradition of education in English.

The schools are situated at Ślusarska 9, in the centre of Krakow in Zabłocie, in the heart of Krakow, with excellent transportation links, including the “Kraków Zabłocie” railway station as well as tram stops: “Zabłocie” or “Plac Bohaterów Getta.”

Bilingual preschool

In our preschool, the priority is child development, which is why we conduct classes simultaneously in two languages, within small groups. We utilize the Dalton Plan as an innovative educational and developmental method that focuses on dialogue, cooperation, and individualism.

– we welcome children from around the world

– we provide comprehensive developmental activities

– we teach simultaneously in Polish and English

– we offer sessions with a native speaker

– we prioritise a family-like atmosphere

Our kindergarten is a place created with passion. Therefore, each child is the most important to us – their safety and development through play and nurturing their natural curiosity about the world. Every detail matters to us, which is why we employ qualified staff. We aim for children to feel comfortable with us, fostering a family-like atmosphere. We guarantee a place in the first grade of Kolegium Europejskie primary school.

Bilingual Primary  school

We’ve based our vision on the principles and standards of education within the International Baccalaureate (IB) system, which we’ve been implementing since 2004.

All our educational and developmental efforts are aimed at preparing students for life in a modern, ever-evolving world. We educate children and youth to be conscious global citizens, emphasizing multiculturalism, diverse perspectives on the world around us, openness, creativity, and responsibility. Graduates from our school are conscious young individuals ready to pursue further education at higher levels. They are proficient in foreign languages and prepared for bilingual education continuation. We prioritize intensive foreign language learning, promote health, social, and environmental education. We support spiritual, emotional, and scientific development through extracurricular activities, events that are integral to school life, educational trips, and field experiences.

During the initial educational stage, we emphasize learning within the Dalton Plan (freedom, independence, collaboration) using elements from the Finnish schooling system (equality, individualism, the practical aspect of learning). The Dalton Plan grants the child the right to make decisions, take initiatives, voice their opinions, and also make mistakes and face failures from which they learn. During this stage, we emphasize intensive foreign language learning, practical sessions with native speakers, and the implementation of our interdisciplinary PIE program.

Considering the student’s development and their cognitive perceptions, we divided the second educational stage into classes 4-6 and 7-8. At this stage, we introduce bilingualism, which doesn’t imply teaching exclusively in a foreign language. Worldwide, in bilingual primary schools, lessons conducted in a foreign language constitute around 30% – 50% of the allocated time for subject material in that foreign language. In our school, this bilingualism is achieved through increased hours of foreign language classes, practical sessions with native speakers, the implementation of our interdisciplinary bilingual PIE program, and introducing elements of entrepreneurship (business game simulations, BMC – Business Model Canvas). We conduct additional hours of classes that extensively prepare the youth for learning in a bilingual educational environment.

The school’s premises are located in Zabłocie, within a renovated and tailored building designed to meet your child’s needs. We boast a wide infrastructure and local facilities, continually expanding and enhancing our educational resources.

Safety is our priority, overseen by teachers and other school staff, equipped with a surveillance system (in the future), and an alarm system connected to a security company.

Medical care includes the presence of a school nurse.

Psychological support is available through the school psychologist.

Pedagogical care is provided daily by the school’s pedagogue.

Our highly qualified staff, committed and creative teachers, constantly seek and refine teaching methods, remain open to students’ needs, and listen to their voices.

We collaborate with catering companies to provide fresh and nutritious meals to the school.

Our school’s administration office is always helpful, with a ready smile and prepared to assist on the front lines.

The school’s management, a cohesive team consisting of the director and vice-director, sees education as a passion and a creative professional endeavor.

English is the heart of our school, driving our actions. An international environment ensures language immersion is a reality rather than just theory. Increased weekly hours in this language enable us to do much more than others.

The second foreign language, taught from Grade 1, enriches our little polyglots and prepares them for a linguistic journey in subsequent stages.

Sports activities, including additional elements like swimming, boxing, and rollerblading, enhance physical fitness and support our students’ development.


Events, workshops, webinars, meetings, competitions, balls, outdoor educational trips, camps, and holiday camps…

The Oldest IB High School in Krakow

We have participated in the IB Diploma Programme since 2004. The IB is not only the best start in the future life for any young person, but also a uniquely versatile learning curriculum, which makes transferring from any other IB school in the world a stress-free experience. Students who have come from other countries suffer no problems with adapting to the school environment and they do not have to make up for the differences in the curriculum. It is an elite programme, often cited as the best one in the world, since IB-graduates are sought-out and easily accepted for many foreign universities.

It was created in order to develop the students’ creativity and critical thinking skills and it emphasizes the need to foster every student’s individual interests and capabilities. Our graduates are eloquent young people who are curious about the world and not afraid to face new challenges. They can make the right choices and to plan their futures well. These are the soon-to-be citizens of Europe and the world, with heads full of fresh ideas about their adult lives.

Our Staff and the IB DP

What makes our school what it is are the exceptional teachers and pedagogues, some of whom are also lectures at top Polish universities. Among our teachers there are both great educators and IB examiners, and specialists with a long experience of work in multinational companies. The latter are especially important since, besides regular subjects, our students may choose to write their IB exams in Business Management, Economics, Computers Sciences and Visual Arts.

All our teachers are proficient in English and all classes in the IB programme (the last two years of high school) are taught in English only in order to prepare the students for the exams. In the first year, there are classes taught in English in between 30 and 70% of the time (while the remaining issues are taught in Polish) and the English coverage is gradually increased in time. In the Kolegium Europejskie there is also a primary school with bilingual classes, where there are students from Poland and from abroad. All the classes are taught in small groups and in well -equipped classrooms and labs.

The Benefits of the IB Diploma IB Diploma is honored and highly-regarded at all universities in Poland and abroad. Due to the way universities assign credits during the recruitment process, an IB graduate finds it easier to be admitted to most of the prestigious educational institutions as well as they may be eligible for additional scholarships. Studies carried out on our graduates show that approximately 60 per cent of our graduates studies abroad. Most of them are in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark or even in China.

Seven Reasons Why to Choose the Kolegium Europejskie

  • The IB Diploma Programme is internationally accepted and it makes it easier for our graduates to be admitted to both Polish and foreign universities. An IB graduate may have their scores valued higher than the scores of other students, which enables them to pursue their dream studies at any university they want and as well as to benefit from other privileges.
  • We understand the importance of practical knowledge and skills, which is why we provide lab classes, field trips, research projects and debates, some of which are internationally broadcasted. One such example are the innovative business simulations available to the students who are interested in running their own business, created using the Business Simulation Games, which were awarded the Startup Europe Award in 2017.
  • Classes are taught in English, which prepares the students for higher education at prestige foreign universities. Our graduates should have no problems understanding lectures on Biology, Physics and Chemistry delivered in Academic English.
  • By involving the students in international exchange programmes, we create opportunities for them to make contacts with students in India, China, the USA and in various parts of Europe. Our students also participate in research projects organized by foreign universities, such as the one by the University of Nebraska, lecturers from which visited us to collaborate on a study.
  • We offer a wide selection of extracurricular classes, such as Theatre classes in English and Business Presentation, which includes CV and cover letter writing or public speaking.
  • We help our students apply for universities all around the world.
  • We provide Polish language classes for students from abroad. These courses are taught by qualified and experienced Polish language teachers.

Kolegium Europejskie, Krakow is a private high school offering International Baccalaureate (IB) and primary school operating since 2004.

We offer;-

  • International exchange
  • Science projects
  • Global education
  • Professional educational campus
  • Qualified teachers
  • Wide educational offer
  • Development support


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