Parking spaces at the new Pianissimo apartment complex by the Wisła in Gegorecki, are more expensive per m2  than the apartments themselves.
As property prices, in the city continue to rise, for property buyers and rental, prices have often raised an eyebrow amongst locals and expats alike, putting many properties out of the reach of most peoples budget. 

Add to the property premium, the lack of parking within the city centre, soon to be made worse by the ongoing review of parking which will lead to a further reduction in city centre parking spaces.

As new apartment blocks spring up and parking spaces disappear across the city, property developers are happy to provide the solution of a private space in an underground garage, but at a cost.

In the case of Pianissimo, that would be 100,000 zł, thank you very much !

The standard sized parking spaces,  2.3 x 5 m (11.5 m²) will set you back 8,700 zł per m², which is more expensive per m², than the 55m2 apartments, (parking spaces are only available for sale when you purchase an apartment of min. 55m2) the cheapest of which is 453,000 zł, or 8,250 zł per m².

In spite of the expense, property buyers have not been put off.  The pianissimo complex has 182 apartments,  for which only 65 parking spaces were available for sale,  only 19 of these remain unsold.

Pianissimo – Developers Visualisation

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