Kraków’s Picnics in the Green

Piknikuj w zieleni – Piknik Krakowski

Kraków’s Picnic’s in the Green (Piknikuj w zieleni – Piknik Krakowski) are Kraków’s 27th annual series of Summer picnics, organised by the city to encourage people to enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle and promote Kraków’s parks and green spaces.

Every weekend, during the Summer,  picnics are organised at two different parks, selected from Bednarskiego, Kościuszko, The Planty,  Zalew Nowohucki and Decjusza parks.

During the picnics, there will be exhibits, games, food trucks, and ample opportunity for relaxation, sport and recreation.

The picnics  include a full programme, between 1000 and 1600,  great for kids and families, and for people of any age, who enjoy a healthy, sporty picnic in the park.

July Picnics:
Saturdays – Park Bednarskiego
Sundays – Zalew Nowohucki

August Picnics:
Saturdays – Park Bednarskiego
Sundays – Park Decjusza

September Picnics:
Saturdays – Planty
Sundays – Kościuszko Park

 Piknik Krakowski Facebook (Polish)

Images from first weekend – July Picnics


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