Celebrating New Year (Sylwester) in Kraków can be an unforgettable experience.  Whether attending one of the many Sylwester Ball’s at Krakow’s bars, clubs or restaurants, or attending an organised public event, Kraków certainly knows how to bring in the new year!

Photo:. Wojciech Wandzel, www.wandzelphoto.com
Photo:. Wojciech Wandzel, www.wandzelphoto.com

Here at Krakow Expats Directory this will be our 17th Kraków Sylwester and we have tried it all, so what’s best ?

Truth is it depends on what takes your fancy.  Paying for a ‘Sylwester Bal’, often with food and drinks included to varying degrees,  getting together with friends for a private party, escaping to the mountains, (you and several thousand others!)  or braving the cold, the crowds and being showered in cheap Russian plonk on the Rynek or at one of the other organised public events.

Arguably the good old, bad old days of walking on a carpet of broken glass through huge rowdy crowds on the Rynek, then at midnight facing a barrage of wayward fireworks, bottles and being sprayed by cheap fizzy wine, have been improved with stricter regulations and control, though of course not everyone follows the new rules!

Tickets for Kraków’s prime venues, often costing into hundreds of zł,  will have been sold out for some time, though there are still many dozens of New Year parties and balls to choose from.  Check out some of the dedicated Sylwester event sites, look out for posters,  or ask at your local or favourite venue.


For Sylwester 2016 the city, in line with the ‘Animal Friendly Principle’,  will sadly, not be holding their usual large firework display, great news for pet lovers, (Bruno – the KED office dog hates fireworks !) disappointing however for the new year revellers.

There will still be no shortage of pyrotechnics over the misty Kraków Skies from private parties, big and small.  Be warned though, for many,  the mixture of alcohol and over exuberant celebrations come before sensible firework safety, and often rockets are launched horizontally.

The organised public events this year are taking place at three main locations; Rynek Główny, Rynek Podgórze and for the first time, Nowa Hutta., or in the words of Kraków’s mayor –

““This year’s celebrations of the New Year’s Eve will resemble… a house party. Even better, three of them!  This year’s celebrations in Kraków will comprise three stages, set up in three districts of the city. Thanks to that, the event will be even closer to the residents. We also heard their concerns regarding the well-being of their dogs, cats and other pets and resigned from the pyrotechnics show this year. I am sure that the new formula, based on three smaller events in three districts of Krakow will be loved by the residents.”

Rynek Główny
Main Stage:  Adjacent to Sewska
Starts: 10.30pm
Featuring performances by: XXANAXX and Charlie

Rynek Podgórski
Starts: 10.30pm 

The tent at Rynek Podgórski will host a song battle between Waldemar Domański, director of the Library of Polish Song and Michał Wasilewski, also known as DJ Vasil, featuring  popular and dance music. Throughout the evening, they will present various artists representing diverse musical styles and genres, as well as well-known and loved hits of the past 50 years.

Nowa Hutta
Stage: Near Teatr Ludowy
Starts: 9.00pm
Featuring:  ‘Viniband‘ performing hits from the past decade in their own new swing arrangements, together with a DJ and MC to keep the party going.

More information can be found on the official Sylwester w Krakowie website, or on their   icon-facebook-alt Sylwester w Krakowie Facebook page or  icon-facebook-alt  Sylwester w Krakowie 2016 FB Event Page which seem to be more up to date.


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