With effect from 1st January 2017 only one e-ticketing system will be available for buying e-tickets to use on Kraków’s public transport system.

There are presently three separate systems available, mPay, moBilet and SkyCash, however to comply with public procurement law, the Management of Municipal Infrastructure and Transport in Krakow (ZIKiT) have invited tenders for the sole service from 2017 onwards. These tenders are being reviewed this week, with a decision expected soon.

We have tried them all and find Skycash easiest to use, albeit in Polish only, and extremely convenient for tram tickets, parking, trains, cinema and more, making them our favourite to win the tender.
In the meantime, if you use any of the three mobile applications mainly for public transport, you would be well advised not to top up your own preferred e-ticket system by any significant amount until the winning tender has been decided. Zikit are referring customers to the separate service providers to enquire about their arrangements for return of account credit.


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