Daschund Parade 2017 – Video

Marsz Jamników

Kraków’s famous Daschund Parade – (Marsz Jamników) took place on Sunday, 10th September 2017.  Kraków Expats Directory were there to film the dashing daschunds and give you the lowdown on this years parade and competition.

This is no one off novelty, now in it’s 23rd year,  Krakówians take their sausage dogs seriously, the parade was attended by Daschund’s, their owners and fans from Kraków, Poland and abroad.

The March of the Daschunds is a quirky,  fun event for doggie lovers, and families, where Daschunds’ and their human friends dress up and parade from Barbakan along Florianska to the Rynek, where various attractions and events for doggies, of all shapes and sizes, not just sausage dogs took place.

You can view more of my pictures from a previous Marsz Jamników here.

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The event is sponsored/organised by Radio Kraków, and you can find more information, on their website.

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