Łapianka Fort – Open Day

Fortress Kraków

Łapianka Fort on ul Forteczna, Kraków will be open to the public for the first time today, (Sunday 17th September 2017), between 10am and 4pm.

The fort is part of ‘Fortress Kraków’ one of a ring of forts, built by the Austrians,  in and around the city at the turn of the century.

Łapianka was, like many of these forts, derelict until quite recently.  It has now part way through being renovated and will one day become a new Scouting Museum and centre.
The open day takes place today between 10am and 4pm along with a  scout family picnic.
Visitors will be able to see the extent of the renovation inside and around the fort along with exhibitions on the past and future of the fort, demonstrations of ZHP and HOPR rescue workers, scout camp demonstrations, scout troop workshops, climbing wall, archery and air rifle, air lock and painting for kids. For all participants of the event there are specialties of scout cuisine, ie pea soup and grilled sausages.

The fort can be reached by public transport (there is no parking at Łapiaka) however  MPK are running  a special bus route from Rynek Podgórski to  Łapianka, running every 30 minutes from 0930.

The open day at the Łapianka fort is the first of a series of walks featuring Krakow forts.  On September 30, a visit to Kościuszko Fort is scheduled, and on 14 October, a visit to the FS 3 defensive team at Hofman and Maleckiego and on October 28 the fort of Mogiła in Nowa Huta. All walks can be subscribed under the action of “Spacerownik Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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