The 15th Pierogi Festival, takes place on Mały Rynek, from Friday 11th to Tuesday 15th August 2017.  Pierogi, is one of Poland’s national dishes, much loved at home and abroad.  Many Poles have their own favourite recipe, often handed down through the generations, passed on by Babcia’s across the land..

Pierogi from 15 different stalls will be available over a five day feast  as you are entertained with music and dance on the Mały Rynek stage, whilst stuffing yourself on the finest stuffed dumplings, with many new and unique flavours and combinations of fillings.

But it’s not all about feasting, fun and frolics, oh no.  Poles take their Pierogi much more seriously than that, so there is not one but two contests for the best Pierogi.   The Statuette of St. Jack with Pierogi is awarded to the Pierogi selected by a panel of professional judges, with a separate audience award, The Figure of King Kazimierz the Great, chosen by the public who have an opportunity to vote for their favourite. Public voting will be on the 13th August only, by completing  a voting slip, which you will receive when you buy pierogi from one of the stalls.

The winners of the 2016 judges award was the Krakow restaurant “Sekret Smaku“ for their pierogi with duck and apricots. The audience award went to the “Polskie Smaki” restaurant for their “St. Martha’s pierogi” with smoked meat and herbs.

The Accompanying entertainment programme includes:

Fri 11th August
4pm  Lazy Swingers Band
6pm  Tumbling Walls, – with original electro-rock material.

Sat 12th August
4pm Balkanscream band  perform Balkan rhythms
6pm Kapela Hanka Wójciak with energetic folk repertoire

Sun 13th August
4pm Kopienioki from Igołomia
6pm Tadirindum will lead folk dance lessons.

Mon 14th August
4pm Legend of Kazimierz, klezmer music.
6pm Ethnic music project presented by Suzanna.

Tue 15th August 15th
6pm – Kraków Street Band Grand Finale.

 Pierogi Festival  (Karnet – Polish)

  Pierogy Festival Facebook Event (Polish)
(including a fun poll on favourite Pierogi flavours from the traditional to the bizarre)

Read more about Pierogi (Wikipedia)

 Grandmas Polish Pierogi Recipe

    Mały Rynek
   11th-15th August 2017
   Admission free

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