‘Doughnate’ Charity doughnuts to raise money for kids home.

Try the best home made Pączki and help a great cause at the same time

Doughnut madness takes hold across Poland this week on ‘Fat Thursday’ (Tłusty Czwartek), when the whole nation consumes a staggering amount of Pączki.

The ‘Eataway’ team are once again this year carrying out their ‘Doughnate’ campaign, where they bake and sell doughnuts in aid of a local kids home.

For the 6th year many of the ‘Eataway’ cooks have accepted the challenge of cooking 2000 Pączki, working through the night to have them ready as fresh as can be the next day!

When you order a box of doughnuts, you will be raising money for the Children’s Home in Parkowa, Kraków.  Everything you pay will go towards extending the veggie garden and planting a new orchard.

Never heard of Pącaki or Fat Thursday?
You can read all about the sweet toothed tradition in our article:-

   Fat Thursday – Pączki, Polish Doughnuts

How does ‘Doughnate’ work?
1. You can order as many boxes of fresh doughnuts as you want (each box is 8 doughnuts).

2. On Thursday 24th February, you are welcome to collect them from the Children’s Home at Parkowa 12 and say hi! If you order 10 boxes or more we will be glad to deliver them to you in Krakow for free if you prefer.

The Pączki cost 40zl for a box of 8 and can be ordered using the online ordering system.

 icon-link Order your ‘Doughnate’ Pączki online

If you order 10 boxes, they will be delivered free of charge within Kraków, otherwise they can be collected from the children’s home on ul. Parkowa, Podgórze.

   Centrum Placówek Opiekuńczo-Wychowawczych “Parkowa” ul Parkowa 12, Kraków


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