Children’s Day in Kraków (Dzień Dziecka)

Kraków events and attraction on children’s day 2023

Living in Poland you soon learn that the Poles (and, to be fair, we foreigners) really, really enjoy their holidays.  One of the kids favourites is Children’s Day (Dzień Dziecka), which this year falls on Friday 1st June.

Families treat their kids, with ice cream, trips to the cinema, small gifts, or whatever their kid has hinted, begged or pleaded for in the weeks and days leading up to children’s day.

There are also a multitude of special events organised for children’s day, from big events, to special offers, attractions or entertainment in many shops, restaurants, museums, etc.

We’re just back from a trip to the cinema and saw kids day posters all over the adjoining shopping centre with various attractions, (one down side of children’s day, is letting the kids choose the film, they want to see, in our case Fast & Furious – not my thing, it made me want to leave the cinema fast, and furious at wasting 2 hrs of my life, but the kids enjoyed it – that’s the essence of children’s day).

The following summary of events was taken from

The highlight of attractions is the weekend of June 3-4. It is then that the Great Dragon Parade , adored by Cracovians and visitors to the city , and the Open Day of the Municipality take place .

Krakow’s cultural institutions have also prepared a very rich offer on the occasion of Children’s Day. We present proposals of theatres, museums and cultural centre’s. There will also be plenty of attractions proposed by the Krakow Library, Sinfonietta Cracovia and sports proposals.

Everyone will find something for themselves – regardless of age, city district or interests. See for yourself!

Sports Children’s Day

Children’s Day in cultural institutions [pdf]

Unusual carousel

Hrabi cabaret for children “Without a mustache”

On June 1 and 2 (16.00 and 19.00) the STU Theatre invites you to a performance for children aged 6-12.

Children’s Day with Maja the Bee

On June 3, Galeria Bronowice invites you to a day full of unforgettable impressions and adventures with the nicest bee. The program includes competitions with prizes and games on stage, face painting, a fairy-tale tattoo studio, an aiming viewport, a spider maze, walls for taking photos with Maja the Bee, a board game and multimedia games on tablets.

Children’s Day in ARS

On the occasion of Children’s Day, the ARS Krakow Cinema Center prepared a special screening of the film “Pinocchio” for children. All children who come to the screening at 5.30 pm in Reduta on Sunday, June 4, will receive a surprise gift from Pinocchio.

Lambs for Children – Children’s Day

On the occasion of Children’s Day, Kino Pod Baranami invites the youngest viewers to a special instalment of the Lambs for Children series. On Sunday, June 4, the kids will watch the film Kitty Cat Says Good Morning! based on beloved books by Anita Głowińska. Each little spectator will receive a surprise gift, and after the screening there will be a joint colouring of pictures with the characters of the fairy tale.

An interactive balloon show for the whole family

Funny Balls Show – a theatrical spectacle in which you can see over 3,000 balloons in unique colours and unprecedented shapes, will take place on June 4, at 12.00 at Kijów Cinema.

The event website also has a comprehensive list of Children’s Day events and attractions.
 icon-link    Children’s Day in Kraków 2023 – Listing on

For family related events, it’s always worth checking the listings on Kids in Kraków.

Have fun, and enjoy Children’s day, be sure not to miss the Dragons parade events, we recently published an article with information on how best to enjoy Kraków’s dragons.

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