New Traffic Restrictions in Kazimierz

Traffic restricted on streets around Plac Nowy area

New traffic restrictions have been introduced in the centre of Kazimierz with effect from today (5/12/17), as part of extensive changes to parking and traffic systems across the city.  

A number of streets around Plac Nowy will be closed to general traffic and only night time (2000-0700) and weekend parking will be allowed on ul Dietla.

The roads marked in blue will be closed to general traffic

Traffic Restrictions
Access to the streets marked blue in the map shown above, will be restricted to residents, deliveries, taxis, hotel guests, authorised service vehicles and ZIKiT permit holders.

Change of one way streets
Miodowa will now be one way in the direction of Starowiślna – between ul. Bożego Ciała and Brzozowa.
The section from ul. Brzozowa to Starowiślna will remain 2 way.

Sw. Wawrzyńca will now be one way from ul. Dajwór towards Bożego Ciała and from ul. Dajwór to ul. Starowislna.

ul. Halicka will now be one way from – ul. Przemyskiej towards ul. Miodowej.

   Link to an interactive map of changes.

The city wide review of parking and traffic management, has lead to confusion and protest in equal measure.

This is sure to catch out a lot of drivers, who are likely to automatically try to enter the now restricted or new traffic direction streets, risking fines or accidents, or worse, coming bumper to bumper with an angry Polish taxi driver!

ZIKiT explain that  the restrictions were needed to control traffic and parking.

“Kazimierz is next to the Old Town, the most-visited by tourists district of Krakow. Every day, tens of thousands of pedestrians pass its streets. To increase their safety, a restricted traffic zone will be introduced there

The growing number of vehicles means that getting around the streets of Kazimierz is becoming more and more difficult for both locals and tourists. Hence the idea to implement a new solution for regulating car traffic, which would facilitate the movement of car owning inhabitants of Kazimierz and pedestrians visiting this district.”

Read more:-
   Gazeta Krakowska (Polish)


Full list of vehicles exempt from the restriction:-

  • Residents (zone P2 pass)
  • Delivery and service vehicles ( bet.  2300-1200 & 1600-2000) wyłącznie dla 
  • Slow moving electric vehicles
  • Cyclists
  • Taxi
  • CC/CD
  • Special services – municipal, medical etc.
  • Mail deliveries
  • Cash in transit
  • Hotel guests with reservation
  • ZIKiT permit holders

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