New Traffic Changes in Plac Nowy – Again!

Third time lucky for re-organisation of Plac Nowy traffic?

Once again, traffic re-organisation and new restrictions have been introduced on Plac Nowy and the surrounding streets.   With effect from today, (01/06/19), parts of Plac Nowy have been closed, traffic calming measures introduced, parking restricted and planters installed to create ‘green’ pedestrian friendly spaces.  The new changes will be trialled for 1 year.

The new ‘green’ spaces, created form closed and narrowed road sections, will help to reclaim much of the popular square for pedestrians, locals and visitors to enjoy.

Parking will also be restricted, limited to access for deliveries, between 9am-1pm  and from 6pm-8pm, with traffic already controlled since the introduction of the green traffic zone several months ago.

Plac Nowy – photo

In July 2017, a trial partial pedestrianisation of Plac Nowy, took place as part of the Nowy Plac Nowy initiative.

After the controversy of the previous traffic calming experiments, a new joined up approach has been adopted with residents, businesses, officials and activists, co-operating to agree, implement, and importantly assess and review the latest changes.

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City Departments involved in the project:   Public Transport Board in Krakow (ZTP – Zarząd Transportu Publicznego w Krakowie)
    Zarząd Zieleni Miejskiej w Krakowie   (ZZM) Management of the City Greenery in Krakow
     Razem W Ruch Facebook (ZZM Facebook Page – formerly ZIKiT now ZZM)    Poland

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