‘Whats up in Poland?’ – New English language media platform

Bringing together English Language media from across Poland

Kraków Expats Directory together with our community YouTube channel, Krakow TV, have teamed up with a new group, What’s Up In Poland. A recently launched platform bringing together the best English language media and creative outlets, from across Poland, to share their content.

The group was created to be a place, for expats and English speakers,  to find a broad selection of news, media, events, articles, video, photography, blogs, podcasts and more from across the country.

Join the group to stay up to date with ‘What’s Up in Poland’, where we will share and discuss a selection of local, regional and national cultural and current events.E

If you are a content creator, get in touch, you’re welcome to join us.

   Whats Up In Poland Facebook Group

WHO ARE ‘Whats Up In Poland’?
What’s Up in Poland currently includes content from:-

Wrocław Uncut
Wrocław Uncut is your ultimate alternative guide to what’s going on in the city. Our quick witted and talented team constantly strive to provide Wrocław’s International community with the latest news, reviews and interviews. If it’s happening, it’s on Uncut.
Uncut brings you:

  • The latest local news in English
  • An events section with info on upcoming parties, concerts, festivals, creative workshops, exhibitions and sporting fixtures
  • Reviews of the latest movies at Kino Nowe Horyzonty
  • An ever increasing leisure directory, including: pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, parks, visitor attractions and specialist shops
  • Exclusive interviews with artists and bands from Wrocław and beyond
  • Reports from all competitive Sląsk Wrocław matches
  • Useful expat tips, practical guides and much, much more

Kraków Expats Directory
Kraków Expats Directory is the essential resource for the expat community, providing information on culture, events, current affairs, news and more happening in and around Kraków.

We offer essential information, advice, tips and more to support  Kraków’s rapidly growing International Community.

We also provide the only business-listing directory dedicated to Krakow’s International Expat Community, giving businesses and services, within or who want to do business with our diverse International community in Kraków.

The directory has 3 sections: –

  • Articles/Resources – For topical or more detailed issues, tips & things to do in Kraków for expatsFAQ’s –
  • FAQ’s – The most commonly asked Kraków expat questions

Listings – Businesses, services, etc specifically for expats, by Location, by Category

Krakow TV
Kraków’s International Expat Community TV Channel.  KTV brings you videos on expat guides, events, social and community groups, activities and projects, people and places of interest to International residents, Interviews with foreigners in Kraków, and more.

Tricity News
Tricity News is a new platform to deliver you daily news from and about Tricity in English.  For all those who live, visit or like Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.

A  Vlog  about life in Poland/Wrocław as foreigners, often pronounced as ‘Forejners’!, brought to you by Freek (NLD),  assisted by Hakan (TUR), Nicolai (NOR) and others also really MAKE the channel

Odd Urban Things – Warsaw|
Brough to you be Federico and Anna, the founders of OddUrbanThings (OUT). We are so glad you are here because that means you want to have a great time in Warsaw!

When you travel (or when you relocate) to a new city, you can only dream of figuring out the coolest events and the best stuff to do.

Unless you know where to look, it’s hard to get an insider perspective.
The two major problems in Warsaw are: Most of the websites are in Polish. The few websites in English are targeted to tourists.
On OddUrbanThings, we strive to provide up-to-date info about the coolest events and about the best stuff to do in Warsaw (in English). That same stuff that the locals are passionate about right now.
You just have to read, get inspired and focus on experiencing Warsaw in the best way possible.

Join the group and share with your friends.

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