Traffic Changes on Nadwiślańska

When is a one way street, not a one way street?

Nadwiślańska, the street which runs along the Wisła in Podgórze, between Drukarnia and Plac Bohaterów Getta is now a one way street in the direction of Plac Bohaterów Getta, with effect from 23rd October 2017.  

This is one of many changes following a citywide review of parking and traffic management, which has lead to confusion and protest in equal measure.

Parking spaces along Nadwiślanka, which previously straddled the pavement and the roadway, have been moved off the footpath with parking spaces marked only on the roadway to comply with the policy of leaving 1.5-2 metres for pedestrians on footpaths.

The new one way system, shifted parking spaces together with a contra cycle lane, and the ongoing construction have significantly narrowed the width of the road  have brought difficulties and confusion, until people get used to the changes.  We saw two vans come face to face with one having to reverse almost the entire length of the road.

Perhaps it would have been advisable to erect the advisory sign warning of the upcoming changes but not the one way sign until the date it comes into effect?

Part of the new measures includes widening disabled parking spaces, great in theory, but they look somewhat excessive in reality.

This is a single disabled space.

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  1. BinPL

    Love the new disabled parking spaces. Nationwide, very clear, leaves no question where they are in the area or what they’re for. Most parking spots in the country now, especially in residential streets and commercial lots need to widen by 30-50cms and then we’ll be breathing a bit easier. Poles aren’t driving Maly Fiats anymore, thanks to 500+.

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