MPK Introduce Monthly KKM tickets on mobiles

Add ticket from home – no need to validate at machine or office

From today (Wednesday 25th October 2017) MPK have introduced a new simplified system to allow passengers to purchase a monthly ticket for their mobile. 

Monthly tickets, can now be bought, and added to your phone from the comfort of your own home, previously tickets could be purchased via a mobile but then had to be validated at an office or (Krakowska Karta Miejska) KKM machine before use.

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To purchase the monthly ticket using the new system, you need to have a KKM account.

To login or create a new account go to

After purchasing a monthly ticket (available for one, two or all lines), the ticket will be linked to your mobile phone.  Once you have linked your ticket to your phone, you will no longer be able to associate your ticket with a physical KKM card.  Setting up an account, paying and linking the paid ticket to your phone takes about five minutes.

  KKM Ticket Price List 

If there is a control by ticket inspectors in the bus or tram, you need to go to the your account on  and click on the ticket control icon .

A QR code with your picture will be displayed, and must be shown to the ticket controller to scan.  The QR code is valid for approximately 120 seconds and changes each time to prevent it being copied or shared.

If for any reason your phone is not working you will receive a penalty, but if you have a valid ticket, the penalty can then be canceled.

Keep in mind that the ticket is valid for one month from the moment you purchase it.  You will receive a reminder towards the end of the month, before the ticket expires.

   MPK Press release (Polish)

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