MPK Ticket Control Complaints by email

New email for tram & bus control complaints

With effect from today it is now possible to lodge a complaint by email regarding ticket control inspections on Krakow’s trams and buses.

Previously complaints had to be lodged in person at an office, however a recent change in regulations now allows complaints to be made electronically using a dedicated email address:

Uniformed and plain clothes inspectors operate on Kraków’s transport system, who have been subject to a number of complaints and allegations of unfair or aggressive incidents. Though, in fairness, the summary of their activity for 2017 suggests otherwise (see below), and the introduction of uniformed inspectors seem’s to have improved matters.

You can read more about ticket control regulations on the ZIKit website (Polish)though their website has not been updated yet to reflect the new electronic option, as it still states – ‘Complaints submitted electronically will not be considered.’

Time will tell, how this will work in practice for complaints submitted by non-Polish speakers.

Ticket inspections are currently carried out, on behalf of the city, by inspectors operating for a private company “Renomy”.  They are currently mid way through their 4 year contract to provide this service.  You can read more about them and their ‘mid term report’ here.

An abstract of the summary report is shown below.

“The statistics are also important for the City’s budget. The auditors carry out nearly 200,000 audits annually. So far, they have issued 20 572 calls for payment. The company can also boast of a high debt collection rate at 56.20%. Renoma’s employees are also well evaluated by passengers. In 2017, only 55 complaints about controllers were recorded (none of which was justified).”

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