Krakow Card for Families with a Disabled Child

Applications accepted from today (2/11/2017)

Kraków is one of the first cities in Poland to launch a new card and support programme ‘Krakow Card for families with a disabled child’ (Krakowskiej Karty Rodziny z Niepełnosprawnym Dzieckiem).

The card will allow families with a disabled child to travel for free on public transport together with discounts of at least 50% at certain municipal theatres, museums, swimming pools and the zoo, together with other private institutions, museums etc.

Families with a disabled child living in the Municipality of Krakow and daycare facilities caring for such a family

Krakow Charter Families with a disabled child receive:

  • a disabled child under 25 years of age, having respective current certificate of disability or current certificate of moderate or severe disability,
  • siblings of the disabled child to complete 18 years of age or until the completion of 24 years of age when learning at school or college,
  • eligible members of families in which a disabled child is brought up,
  • eligible children with disabilities placed in institutions,
  • guardians outlets.

Applications are invited from 2nd November for the card which is issued free of charge, and will be valid for 5 years or until the child reaches 25 years.  The card will be valid for not only the disabled child, but also any siblings and parents or guardians, in an effort provide support not just for the child but for the whole family.

The City of Krakow accepts applications for the Krakow Card for Families with Handicapped Children in the following locations:

Department of Social Affairs of the City of Krakow:

  • ul. Stachowicza 18, 30-103 Kraków,
  • os. Zgody 2, 31-949 Kraków

Additional temporary locations:   

Only between November 2017 – January 2018:

    1. ul. Wielicka 28a, 30-551 Kraków,
    2. G. H. „Bronowice”, ul. Stawowa 61, 31-346 Kraków,
    3. G.H. „Serenada”, al. Gen. Tadeusza Bora-Komorowskiego 39,
    4. ul. Józefińska 14, 30-529 Kraków (MOPS),
    5. ul. Rzeźnicza 2, 31-540 Kraków (MOPS),
    6. ul. Praska 52, 30-322 Kraków (MOPS).

    More information (Polish)

    • Application – Krakow Families with Disabled Child Card [pdf]
    • Duplicate Card Application – Krakow Families with Disabled Child Card [pdf]
    • Resolution on the introduction and implementation of the program under the name of Krakow for Families “N” [pdf]
    • Terms of granting, renewal and use of cards Krakow Families with a disabled child and Partners to join the program under the name of Krakow for Families “N” [pdf]

    Krakow Fot the Disabled (Android/iOS app)

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