Renting a flat – How to find a flat?

How and where to search for a flat to rent?

The internet is of course an obvious choice. There are many websites dedicated to flat/property searching.

The most popular are: and

This option however is for those who understand at least a little bit of Polish or are willing to learn the language quickly, as most listings are in Polish only.

  1. Using real estate agent’s services is recommended for those who don’t have time for searching for an apartment on their own and prefer to leave it to the experts.As a bonus, if you don’t speak Polish, all the formalities and communication with the landlord will be taken care of for you. You should be aware that such service costs up to one month’s rent.
  2. People say that print is dead, however, we need to remember that plenty of listings can be found in local newspapers, information points at the universities or in offices.
  3. Through friends or if this is not successful, try Facebook groups such as Kraków Expats or Kraków Property,  Kraków wynajem, Mieszkanie na wynajem

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