Renting a flat – How do I pay media and admin fees?

How do I pay for media and admin fees for a rented flat?

It is up to the owner of your flat to decide how you’re going to pay for the media.

There are two options, which are popular on the property market in Kraków:

  • the landlord will ask you to pay rent directly to their bank account.  Once you sign your lease for the flat you will be required to sign the contract for all other media (from electricity to TV and internet).

    In this way all the bills will be in your name and if you are late with the payments the landlord will not be burdened with your debts.  Each month you will receive the invoices and you will have to make the payments yourself.

  • the landlord commits to covering all bills for both media and admin fees for you and then requires you to repay him together with your monthly rent.

    In this case, the landlord should always show you the bills so you have proof of the costs the landlord incurred.   It’s worth mentioning that these payments may be based on actual usage or they might consist of fixed amounts (e.g. each month you will make advance payments and towards the end of your lease there will be an annual clearing – recalculation of how much you’ve used against how much you’ve paid).

Of course, a combination of both options is also possible. Very often landlords are willing to cover all the costs and only ask you to repay them with your rent, however, they ask you to arrange your own internet contract.

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