Plans to introduce new contactless transport tickets

New system will calculate the best fare

The City Transport Authority (ZTP) have announced that they have received 14 applications to operate a new smart contactless ticket system, known as MTT/PAYG (Mass Transit Transaction/Pay as you Go) on public transport across the city.  The new system will allow passengers to pay for journeys, using contactless payment cards, phones, watches etc with NFC.

Aside from the convenience of not having to purchase paper tickets, or use other e-ticket apps, the system also works out the best/cheapest tariff for the passenger.  The passenger simply swipes their card or device on entering and leaving the vehicle. The system will calculate the most favourable tariff, for example charging for an all day ticket rather than several single use tickets, likewise charging for a monthly ticket if this is cheaper for a regular traveller.

The system would be similar to those used in other countries such as Oyster cards in London, and elsewhere in Poland in Wrocław, Lublin and Tychy.

The transport authority must now  evaluate the formal applications and start discussions to ascertain the final shape of the future system.  No timescale has been given for when the new system is likely to be implemented.

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