Kraków News Digest – 10.2.21

Marshall’s office Hacked : Media Protest : Police Appeal : New bus route : Anti-abortion bus posters

Hackers attack Urzad Marshall’s Computer System
Police are investigating a hacking attack on the Małopolska Marshalls office (Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa), which brought down the email system.  Anyone wishing to contact the office are asked to do so by phone. (

“We still do not know how big the possible damage is, we are assessing the situation”
Dawid Gleń, the office’s spokesman.

Fire at City Archive Building Under control
The, still unexplained, and difficult fire at the Municipal archives has finally been brought under control today (10/2/21)  Firefighters had struggled to contain the fire which they have been fighting since Saturday evening (6/2/21).

Krakow prosecutor’s office have instigated a fire investigation into the incident. The investigation is carried out in terms of “deliberately bringing” an event that threatens a substantial property.  (

Image Credit: Krakow112

Independent Media Protest
Independent media are protesting against the government’s planned introduction of an additional tax on advertising broadcast on TV, Radio and the Internet, introduced under the pretext of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of the protest, many media outlets have published an open letter to the Polish authorities.


Police Launch Appeal to Identify  male involved in Racist Incident
Police have published an image of a male wanted in connection with a racial incident involving a female victim, which took place in June 2020 at al. Słowacki in Krakow.  (

People who recognise the man shown in the photo and can help in establishing his identity are asked to contact the Police Station IV in Krakow by calling 47 83-52-913 or via the emergency number 112″
Full details are on the Małopolska Police Facebook page.


Anti abortion poster campaign on Kraków Buses.
A politician has appealed to the President of Kraków to intervene in the case of antiabortion posters which are displayed on a number of MPK buses.

“I hereby request the initiation of control of the activities of MPK w Krakowie SA as part of the ownership supervision in the field of advertising services provided by the Company to one of the advertising agencies supporting the Our Children Foundation – Edukacja, Zdrowie, Wiara.” – writes MP Gdula to the president of Krakow.

“I am asking the President to intervene urgently, because the indicated advertising campaign violates women’s rights, but may also constitute a violation of the terms of providing advertising services of MPK w Krakowie SA,” Gdula believes.

“Firstly, it may harm the interests of the municipal company by linking its activities to the extreme right. Secondly, there are justified doubts about the rights to use the illustrations in the Foundation’s campaign, which was publicly pointed out by its author, Jekaterina Głazkowa.” – emphasizes the MP from Lewica.

MPK stated that the advertising space was bought by one of the agencies, and the campaign itself does not break Polish law and is carried out in many other places in Krakow.  (

Photo from: Maciej Gdula Facebook

New Bus Route Kliny Poranne – Borek Fałęcki
It’s not so often that the city launch a new bus route.  With effect from Monday 15th February, a new bus route – Line 121 – will operate in the Southern suburb of Kliny, between, Borek Fałęcki and Kliny Poranne (ul  Homolacsa)

We have to confess that the main reason this caught our attention, is that it runs right past the end of the road at Kraków Expats Directory HQ!



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