Fire at Kraków city archive

Firefighters describe the fire as ‘difficult’

More than 50 firefighters are tackling a ‘difficult’ fire, which broke out on Saturday evening at the Kraków City archives building on ul. Na Załęczu.

The firefighters initially. used special powder to limit damage to the archived documents, however  they are now using foam to control the fire.

Holes have been drilled in the building to aid access and ventilation, as firefighters report that a massive build up of smoke and narrow corridors are hindering their efforts.

UPDATE Monday 8th February  (via Radio Kraków)
It may even take until the afternoon to extinguish the fire of the Archives of the Krakow City Hall at ul. In Załęcze. The fire started Saturday night. So far, a total of 86 firefighters have participated in the firefighting operation. “This is one of the most difficult actions” – assess the services.

Officials cannot assess the losses yet, as it is still unknown what burned down. The buildings contain over twenty thousand meters of city documents from many years. Firefighters worked on Sunday in difficult conditions, with heavy smoke. Additionally, the action is hindered by the narrow space in the facility

Gazeta Krakówska have just published a more detailed update, suggesting that the losses are likely to be huge. (12pm – 8/2/21)

Some archives have been destroyed in the fire, city employees are assisting in removing as many surviving archives as possible.

President Majchrowski has visited he scene of the fire, and later posted the following update on his Facebook page.

“Since yesterday evening, an action to put out the fire in our city archives on ul. In Zalecz. No one was harmed. The fire engulfed two halls. More than 50 firefighters are fighting the element. The situation is very difficult because of high fuel, high shelving, high smoke, plus low temperature outside and strong wind.”     President Majchrowski via Facebook

A spokesperson for Kraków Fire Service told Radio Krakow:

“The firefighting action is very difficult. Paper documents are stored in the archive – initially a special powder was used to extinguish them, now firefighters also use foam. Fire may still spread. Firefighters have still not been able to locate its exact source. Two archive halls are affected by the fire.

“Access to the building is difficult due to its character and structural layout. Inside we have a large accumulation of combustible materials and narrow corridors, which is the specificity of the archive” – ​​said Sebastian Woźniak on Sunday morning.

Photo PAP / Łukasz Gągulski


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