European Elections Candidates Debate

European Parliament Elections Debate

Elections for the European Parliament (Wybory do Parlamentu Europejskiego) will take place between 7am-9pm on Sunday 9th June 2024.

The upcoming elections will be the 10th since the first vote in 1979, and the first since Brexit.  Poland will elect 53 Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s).

Who should you vote for?
What are the candidates policies, specifically what are their views and policies for foreigners, migrants and expats living in the Kraków and Poland?

Come along to the debate, meet your MEP candidates , ask questions or raise issues with them.

The public debate, which will take place, in English,  on 18th March at 5pm, at Hevre, and will also be broadcast live with Ukrainian and English translation.
     27th May
     EU Election Candidates Debate – Facebook Event

We strongly encourage all representatives of organisations active in the field of migration and ethnic minorities to participate in the debate.

The debate will be live-streamed at 5pm on our sister site Kraków TV

    Click here to view the Livestream (available from 7pm Monday 27th May)

I have published a detailed guide to voting in the European elections;

   Guide to voting in the European Elections   



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