Tragedy in Kraków – 2 killed when crane collapses in storm

Crane collapse leaves 2 dead, 2 injured.

Tragedy struck when a large crane was blown over at a building site in Kraków during todays storm. 

Sadly two workmen, who were on a roof which the crane collapsed onto,  died as a result of being struck by the falling crane, leaving two others in hospital injured.  Fortunately, initial reports suggest that the crane operator had left the crane shortly before the accident.

UPDATE 18.2.22
We’ve posted an update on the investigation, initial findings and a new witness video, showing a mini tornado.

Crane Tragedy Update & New Video

A passerby captured video of the crane being blown over at the ul. Domagały  building site.

Prosecutors are on site, meanwhile the Voivode of Małopolska, Łukasz Kmita, ordered the Voivodeship Inspector of Building Supervision to carry out an urgent inspection of cranes and cranes working on construction sites in Małopolska. The first control teams have already started their inspections.


Also in Kraków, a roof was blown off a Biedronka supermarket, at Pollanki, damaging vehicles in the car park.

(An earlier version of this article included video of the roof being blown from the building.  It now show’s as video unavailable, I guess as it appeared to be taken from some CCTV monitoring system)

Overnight from Wednesday to Thursday,  storms and high winds passed through Poland. The wind reached speeds of up to 120 kph.

Fortunately such storms are relatively rare in Kraków, and are generally preceded by an IMGW (Institute of Meteorology and Water Management) sms ‘RCB Alert‘.





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