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Bilingual Kindergarten and School

Maple Bear Canadian Kindergarten for children from all around the world starting September 2024 in Krakow, Poland.

We are a Canadian preschool and kindergarten Maple Bear Krakow is currently in development in Krakow, Poland, and will launch on September 2, 2024. The preschool is a part of the world’s largest and fastest-growing private education network, which has become an export product of Canadian education and has been offering the highest quality education targeted at developing 21st century skills for 20 consecutive years. Maple Bear schools and kindergartens offer fully Canadian, bilingual teaching methods and modalities, guaranteeing
completion of both the Canadian and local curriculum. Nearly 60,000 children and youth are already being educated at Maple Bear facilities in 40 countries across the world.

Recruitment for kindergarten in Krakow for the 2024/2025 school year is open to children born in 2018 – 2022
Maple Bear’s Polish network of schools and kindergartens launched in September 2023 in Katowice, Poland. Maple Bear Poland plans to open 35 facilities across the country. Maple Bear Kraków is currently in development in the modern office complex The Park at 25 Saska St.

Children who start their education at Maple Bear will be able to continue their education at one of the most modern campuses in Poland, the construction of which is now beginning in Kraków’s Podgórze district. Children who begin their education at Maple Bear Krakow
kindergarten will have priority for admission to the school.

Dual core curriculum and full language immersion
Maple Bear schools and kindergartens implement the Polish and Canadian core curriculum simultaneously, while teaching is based on the full language immersion method, allowing children to achieve English comprehension naturally through everyday situations and play.

Each preschool group is taught in English by two teachers, which allows them to closely monitor each child’s progress. Children work and play in small groups, and the pace of learning is adjusted to each child’s individual abilities. Schools and kindergartens operate under constant supervision of experts from the Academic Council of Canada.

Harmonious educational process adapted to child’s abilities
In accordance with the Maple Bear world standard, classrooms are designed to allow teachers to conduct educational activities in groups, pairs or one-on-one. It is possible thanks to arranging the classrooms into learning centers that promote the harmonious development of the child from the earliest years.

The goal of such an arrangement is to make the most of every moment that students spend at school. A variety of activities in learning centres keeps them interested throughout the day and provides them with the opportunity to constantly discover new things and skills.

We invite you to the Maple Bear Open Day combined with spring workshops on Saturday 20th April 20  at 10.00 AM at our school – The Park Saska 25d Street Kraków.

During the meeting:
  • Presentation of the facility and teaching methods at Maple Bear
  • Opportunity to talk to the management and founder of Maple Bear in Poland
  • Spring workshops conducted by Maple Bear teachers (forest in a jar)
  • Games and fun

   Saturday 20th April
  Maple Bear, The Park Saska 25d Street Kraków
    Mandatory registration and more information about Maple Bear

  +48 607 049 292
+48 32 506 5949 (office)
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