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ShowOFF Exhibition | KRAKOW PHOTOMONTH 2016

14th May 2016 @ 20:00

Already for the eighth time the ShowOFF Section will present the premiere projects of young artists selected through an open competition. The final shape is a result of their cooperation with renowned visual artists: Kuba Bąkowski, Lidia Popiel, Agnieszka Rayss, Simon Karlstetter, and Honza Zamojski who, along with one of the laureates of the ShowOFF Section, created a photobook.

Once again, all ShowOFF Section’s exhibitions will be displayed in one space, i.e. Skład Długa, which will allow you to juxtapose and compare individual projects.

You must be there!

This year’s exhibition is opened by a project of Justyna Wierzchowiecka whose technique involves an ‘appropriation’ of museum exhibits followed by a free manipulation thereof. Then Constantin Schlachter takes us to an inner quest in mental landscapes where the notions of micro/macro and organic/mineral are confused, thus forming a loop where subjects are constantly reinvented and transformed. Michał Siarek asks to what degree it is possible to build a national identity out of concrete and bronze – and concurrently shows us how today’s Macedonia delves into the past of the empire, surrounded by monumental decorations.

The youngest laureate, Kacper Szalecki, plays with the reality documenting similar motifs and allusions to Olympia, while Weronika Gęsicka modifies archival photographs purchased from microstocks, giving them new meanings. Hidden and separated from the rest of the ShowOFF exhibition, Katarzyna Hoffmann’s installation is testing ancient theories of contemporary technologies and her own poetic vision. Getting back to the main space we return to the subject of transformation, where the Italian duo: Filippo Menichetti and Martin Errichiello, who chose Calabria as the subject of their visual research, present the region as an ancient land where the challenge of modernity has imposed its language and aesthetics, slowly oppressing the territory’s human and natural landscape. The whole exhibition is closed by the works of Krzysztof Racoń who takes a close look at artificial water reservoirs created along the Dunajec river, which seem to be at the very end of their glory days.

Weronika GĘSICKA – Marks
Curator: Agnieszka Rayss

Katarzyna HOFFMANN – Musica Mundana
Curator: Kuba Bąkowski

Filippo MENICHETTI, Martin ERRICHIELLO – In Fourth Person
Curator: Simon Karlstetter

Krzysztof RACOŃ – Disappearing Lakes
Curator: Lidia Popiel

Constantin SCHLACHTER – Paraboles
Curator: Simon Karlstetter

Kacper SZALECKI – Olimpia‘s Diary
Curator: Lidia Popiel

Michał SIAREK – Alexander
Curator: Agnieszka Rayss

Justyna WIERZCHOWIECKA – Museum Studies (exhibition and book)
Curator: Kuba Bąkowski
Book design: Honza Zamojski

More details about the exhibition: http://www.photomonth.com/en/show-off

Skład Długa
ul. Długa 72
Vernissage: 14.05.2016, 20:00
Open: 14.05–12.06.2016


14th May 2016
Event Category:


Skład Długa
Długa 72
Kraków, 31-146 Poland

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