‘To all the Nations’ Kraków – the carol heart of the world

Second Edition

International residents of Kraków, come together to perform Christmas Carol’s in concert.

‘To all the Nations’,  Krakow – the carol heart of the world – 2nd edition! will be broadcast on Friday 29th January 2021.

This is a Christmas Carol evening dedicated to all residents of the city of Krakow who came here from far away and chose it as their second home.  The event will be a symbolic closing of the Christmas season.

‘To all the Nations’ is the concept of Katarzyna Freiwald, and is hosted this year by Elżbieta and Andzrej Lisowscy.



The event features a truly International programme of performers from 21 different countries.

SPAIN – Ildefonso Navarrete Segado
FRANCE – Francois Martineau
GEORGIA – Irine Shiukashvili
ARMENIA – Nelli Martirosyan, Natalia Podolska
ENGLAND – Trevor Hawes
PANAMA – Alberto Arosemena Iglesias
GAGUZIA/MOLDOVA – Raisa Kirilowska
BELARUS – Adrianna Maria Kafel
BULGARIA – Iliyana Yolova, Nikola Dragizhev
UZBEKISTAN – Boris Yugay, Gabriel Yugay
HUNGARY – Noemi Petneki
USA – Karolina Sanchewska
UKRAINE – Zoriana Grzybowska
AUSTRALIA – Patricia Mikołajski, Chris Gad
SYRIA – Wassim Ibrahim
KOREA – Zuzanna Hwang
ESTONIA – Zespół Kameralny Chóru Chłopięcego Szkoły św. Michała w Tallinnie z klasy 3T pod kierunkiem Li Langebraun.  Alexander Simon Kesa, Patrik Sarapu, Johan Kaspar Peterson, Alexander Monroy Veiksar
Nikolas Sebastian Pihelgas, Kenneth Lukas Stansbie
PERU/BOLIVIA – Félix Málaga, Erick Mucching, Alanis Alvarez, Quimey Terrazas,, Arturo Terrazas, Anna Butkiewicz
MEXICO – Tomas Celis Sanchez
POLAND- Mateusz Gurgul, Joachim Kołpanowicz

Ewelina Wiśniecka-Borowska – sopran
Katarzyna Freiwald – alt
Karol Kusz – tenor
Marcin Budziaszek – bas

We spoke with one of the performers, Trevor Hawes, who gave us this reflection on his participation in the concert.

Working with the Cracow Singers was such a delight – They are so passionate, friendly, talented – and patient (which they needed to be, with me!).

The Krakow koledowa Serca Swiata concert, recorded at the NCK (Nowa Huta cultural centre) is an amazing undertaking, with singers/groups from over 10 different countries and languages all singing Christmas songs in their languages.

It was a joy and pleasure to meet them all. I can tell you that backstage too we have great fun chatting, singing and dancing.

The whole event was very professional and well organised. I found it difficult, myself, singing with a 4-part choir backing, using a slightly different arrangement than I’m used to, but I felt I did the best I can with so few practices.  It was fun too, being thrown in at the deep end to join in with singing a carol in Gagauzian, and ending up singing Holy Night in Polish and English.

It thrills me to note there are so many talented and gifted people living and working in Krakow.

You can watch the Online Premiere of the concert on:
icon-day Friday 29th January 2021
icon-time 1830

icon-play PLAY Kraków
icon-facebook  Facebook Event

Organiser – Equinum Foundation

The concert is financed by the City of Krakow

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