Take part in Kraków’s Kościuszko ‘Mega Selfie’

Oto foto z Kościuszką

Come along to Rynek, by the town hall tower, at 3pm on Saturday 14th October 2017 to take part in a ‘mega selfie’ mass group photograph. 

The photograph is part of a series of events bringing to a close Kraków’s contributions to ‘Kościuszko Year’ (Roku Tadeusza Kościuszki) commemorating the 200th anniversary of the death of the great Polish (and American) military leader and National hero.

The organisers plan to gather as many Krakowians and visitors as possible to pose for a group photograph, to be taken by the photographer Wiesław Majka with the assistance of a fire brigade aerial platform.  The city have printed 10,000 cardboard Krakowian hats (czapkę Krakuskę) for the occasion. The photo will be made available on www.krakow.pl for printing or sharing.

The event re-creates a famous photograph taken in 2001 by Polish photographer Ryszard Horowitz, when 20,000 Krakowians were photographed to mark the new millennium.

Photo: Ryszard Horowitz

Immediately following the photograph at 3.30pm, a ‘We are Kościuszkami’ sing along will take place with songs celebrating the life and times of Kościuszko, with the help of 4000 souvenir song books and DVD’s.

   Kościuszko Event Information via www.krakow.pl (Polish)

  Tadeusz Kościuszko

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