Kraków’s contemporary music festival

Sacrum Profanum is an international project which aims to break down barriers and change perceptions of contemporary music.

The annual festival takes place this year between 1st and 8th October, has gained recognition and plaudits as one of the most interesting music events in Europe.


Highlights of this years festival include, Icelandic collective Bedroom Community performing their ‘Whale Watching’ concert, performances by Mike Patton, (best known as the frontman of Faith No More) and works by John Zorn, American saxophonist and composer,  with an exciting and eclectic mix of indie, classical, avant-garde and experimental music thrown in for good measure.

Mike Patton PAP/EPA / David Tanecek
Mike Patton PAP/EPA / David Tanecek

According to the organisers, this year’s 14th edition of the festival Sacrum Profanum is a multi-layered composition of twentieth-century music, mainstream, academic, crazy, avant-garde and indie classical.

 Icelandic collective Bedroom Community
Icelandic collective Bedroom Community

The programme includes concert’s, panel discussions, exhibitions and meetings with artists.

Follow the links below for more information on the programme, artists and ticket information.



 Sacrum Profanum on Spotify

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