The Lajkonik Parade, one of Krakòw’s oldest and quirkiest traditions takes place today.

The event is much loved by kids, as Lajkonik and his band and entourage parade, and dance through the city, on his painted wooden horse.

Tradition has it that if Lajkonik, hits you with his stick, it will bring you good luck for the following year.

Research shows the event dates back to the 18th century and is said to commemorate the part played by the rafts men (oarsmen who floated wood down the river), in the defeat of the Tartars who attacked Kraków in 1287. Legend has it that one celebrated by dressing up as a Tartar, dancing and prancing around.

You may even have heard kids singing the Lajkonik folk song:

Lajkoniku, laj, laj              (Go Lajkonik, go, go)
Poprzez caly kraj, kraj   (Through the country do so)
Lajkoniku, laj, laj             (Go Lajkonik, go, go)
Poprzez caly kraj            (Through the country go)

Programme of Lajkonik Parade 2017:

Kraków Philharmonic
5:15pm Dance with the banner

Main Market Square
6pm Dance performance by the “Cracovia Danza” Court Ballet
6:30pm Dance battle with Tatars
7-7:30pm Parade’s arrival, toast with the Mayor of the City of Kraków, dance with the banner
8:30-9pm Lajkonik Parade around the Square

You can find out more about Lajkonik and today’s event on the MHK website.


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