Great Dragon Parade 2017

Wielka Parada Smoków 2017

This weekend the 17th Great Dragon Parade and accompanying events take place in Kraków.  

The main attractions of the Great Dragon Parade are a waterborne ‘parade’ on Saturday evening along the Wisła River with dragons floating above boats and barges, accompanied by pyrotechnics, water curtains and canons, laser and lightshow, and then a parade on Sunday along Grodzka to the Rynek.  The theme for this years edition is ‘Mediterranean Dragon’s.

As well as the parades, a Dragons Family Picnic will take place from 10am on Saturday and Sunday by the Dragons Den, on the Wisła embankment below Wawel.

The parade is organised and the dragons are ‘animated’ by Teatr Groteska, Kraków, with the professional dragons joined on Sunday for the street parade by dozens of school kids with home made dragons from all over Poland.

The main events are:-
Dragon Family Picnic
Vistula Boulevards at the Dragon’s Den
3rd June 2017 (Saturday), 10am-9:30pm
4th June 2017 (Sunday), 10am-7pm

RIVER PARADE  Great Outdoor Spectacle on the Vistula
Vistula Boulevards at the foot of Wawel Hill
3rd June 2017 (Saturday), 10pm

STREET PARADE ‘Parade of Dragons’
4th June 2017 (Sunday), 12noon-3pm


Here are some images we took at a previous river parade.

KED Tips:-
Arrive early,  grab a seat on the wall along the Wisła, or find a spot on the grassy embankment and throw down a picnic rug,  then expect to be surrounded by an ever growing crowd as the time of the parade grows closer.  If coming by car, park well away from the Wisła/Wawel area to avoid the post parade congestion.  If you are lucky or have planned ahead, then booking a table on one of the barges or rooftop bars/restaurants overlooking the river will guarantee the best view.

Expect traffic and parking difficulties over the weekend, but the good news is that extra trams and buses are provided for the end of the river spectacle on Saturday evening,

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