Covid Update – Loosening of some restrictions

Quarantine changes & early return to school

The Polish Government have today (9.2.22) announced that a number of restrictions will be loosened, as the country approaches “the beginning of the end of the pandemic” according to the Health Minister Adam Niedzielski.

The minister added that the country will, “step by step”,  gradually continue to reduce and remove further restrictions.

The amended restrictions announced today include:

1. From 15th February the quarantine period will be reduced from 10 days to 7 days.

2. Quarantine for people who live with an infected person will only last as long as the isolation of the infected co-home member lasts (now it takes seven days longer for unvaccinated people, and until the test is negative for the vaccinated). Effective from 15th February.

3. Quarantine following contact with an infected person will be removed. Effective from 15th February.

4. Entry quarantine for persons entering Poland from non-Schengen countries will be reduced to 7 days (previously, the entry quarantine was 7 or 10 days depending on the country of arrival.) Effective from 11th February.

5. Quarantine for persons arriving from Schengen countries has been removed, provided the person is in possession of a valid EU Covid19 certificate. Effective from 11th February.

6. Early end to remote learning.  All schools will return to full-time education at the end of school holidays in a given Voivodeship, and not, as previously announced, from the beginning of March.  Effective from 21st February depending on area.

Wearing of masks?
During the media conference, when Adam Niedzielski announced changes, the Health Minister was asked by journalists about the possible lifting of the obligation to wear masks indoors and in public transport. As he stated, “in a certain perspective, such decisions will be made”.

The Minister was asked to clarify this statement, particularly in relation to wearing of masks and replied:-

 “decisions on lifting the restrictions will be made at the earliest in a month, and among them there is the subject of masks.”     (source

The Health Minister went on to state:-

“At the moment, this is the element that ensures epidemic safety,” he said. “The application of the DDM rule is a fundamental rule that allows us to fight the epidemic” – he emphasised.

“As for the restrictions on masks, you can think that in a certain perspective such decisions will be made, but I would like to emphasise that a certain recommendation to wear masks – especially in public spaces – will be always formulated by the minister of health and experts” .

 icon-link Full details on the new measures can be found on the Ministry of health website.

 icon-external More Coronavirus information is available on the website.

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