The Polish Government have today (7/12/21) announced that they will be imposing more Covid restrictions to cover the festive holiday season.

The Government have made the decision to impose the following restrictions, mostly taking effect from 15th December, with the restrictions affecting schools and education effective from 20th December.  The restrictions will be in place until 9th January 2022.

This latest restrictions include distance learning in primary and secondary schools, together with changes to the permissible number of people in public transport, restaurants, cinemas, sports and religious facilities.

Summary of new restrictions:-

  • Cinemas, theaters, sports and religious facilities – max. 30 percent occupancy by unvaccinated persons (increase of the limit possible only for vaccinated and verified persons with the COVID-19 certificate)
  • Additionally, it will be forbidden to eat and drink in cinemas during screenings.
  • Restaurants, bars and hotels – max. 30 percent occupancy by unvaccinated persons (increase of the limit possible only for vaccinated persons verified by the entrepreneur using the COVID-19 certificate)
  • Public transport – max. 75 percent occupancy
  • The new rules will not apply to vaccinated people.

Changes to Vaccination & Testing
Compulsory pre-departure testing for inbound passengers.
From 15th December, each person before arriving to Poland from outside the Schengen area will have to test for COVID-19. The test should be performed no earlier than 24 hours before departure. Importantly, vaccination does not release you from testing.

From 15th December, the mandatory test will also apply to people who live with someone infected with COVID-19. Again, vaccination will not release you from testing.

Compulsory vaccination of employees in three sectorsmedical, teachers and uniformed services – will be introduced with effect from 1st March.  Employers will also be given power to demand production of covid test results from employees. 

Vaccinations for children aged 5-11 will be available from 16th December. Children will receive a lower dose, with 3 weeks between the first and second injection.

Schools & Education Return to Distance Learning
Between 20th December and 9th January, primary and secondary schools will return to distance learning.  This will not apply to nurseries or kindergartens. Children and adolescents will not return to full-time ‘in school’ education until January 10, 2021.

In addition to the above, school principles and directors will be given the power to declare remote learning, should there be any increase in cases or outbreak at their school.

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