A conversation with Richard Lucas, discussing the relaunch of Krakow Newcomers (but not only for newcomers!) Welcome Club on 9th October 2023.

What is Kraków Newcomers Welcome Club?
The FB event describes the relaunch meetup as:-

Join the “Krakow Newcomers Welcome Club” and Step into a World of Connection and Friendship! 
Are you new to Krakow or just eager to extend a warm welcome? Look no further! Since our inaugural meetup in October 2021, we’ve brought together over 300 wonderful souls, creating lasting connections and cherished memories.
Diverse Backgrounds, One Unforgettable Experience! 

Our events are a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, all converging for a fantastic time. You’ll be amazed at the vibrant tapestry of individuals from around the globe.
What to Expect? An Evening Bursting with Fun and Connection! 
Join us for an engaging first hour filled with icebreakers designed to make mingling a breeze. Then, feel free to let loose and socialize on your own terms.    Introvert-Friendly Atmosphere! 
We understand that socialising can be an adventure in itself. Our events are designed to be welcoming and comfortable for introverts, ensuring everyone can make meaningful connections at their own pace.
Be a Part of Something Special! 
Have a community initiative you’re passionate about? We’d love to hear from you! Reach out in advance, and let’s make it happen.
 Volunteers Wanted! 
Want to play a part in shaping this incredible project?  From extending a warm welcome to helping with PR, graphic design, or website development, your skills are needed and valued. Apply to join our team using this form and be part of this exciting journey!
Let’s come together to create a community of global minds right in the heart of Krakow. Your presence is more than welcome; it’s eagerly anticipated! Join us and let’s make memories together! 

Event Details
   Monday 9th October 2023
   Yolk Coffee & Pastry ul. Sarego 5

What can I expect at the event?
Good question, so I’ve made a couple of videos, to give you an idea of what KNWC is all about.  One is from our first ever meetup in October 2021, and the other is a chat with Richard Lucas discussing the origins of the event, and our upcoming relaunch.

Video discussing the relaunch event – Watch here or over on YouTube (link below)

UPDATE:- Just noticed that in parts of the video, my picture in picture image is weird as my eyes have disappeared.

I was trying out new AI editing software which uses some kind of digital hocus pocus, black magic,  to make my eye’s look at the camera even when I’m not, however I didn’t read the full guide which states that it doesn’t work with 2 faces on screen. Too busy to do a full re-edit. Hope it doesn’t scare people off. I suppose Halloween isn’t too far away 😉


YouTube   Discussing the relaunch of the Newcomers welcome club

Video from our first event Oct 2021– Watch here or over on YouTube (link below)
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Get involved locally – using this form. 

Get involved globally – using this form. 

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