Juwenalia 2024 – Students Fancy Dress Parade

Juwenalia Parade

Juwenalia Kraków (Juwenalia Krakowskie) student festival is underway in Kraków until 19th May.

This Friday 17th May, the students parade and pageant takes place, when the students, dress up in colourful and creative fancy dress costumes, and walk from Klub Studio, at the AGH student dorms, to Plac Szczepański, where they receive the keys to the city.

Juwenalia Krakowskie 2024, kicked off on 13th May, with a full programme of concerts, parties and events transforming parts of the city into one big student party.

The fancy dress parade is an energetic, outrageous, loud, fun, colourful celebration as the students meander into the city, wearing elaborate, original fun outfits, making their way to Plac Szczepański  where they gather for the formal key ceremony, when Kraków’s newly elected President Aleksander Miszalski presents the key to the city.

Origins of Juwenalia
Juwenalia student festival originated in Kraków in the 15th century, when a special holiday was dedicated to students of Jagiellonian University, though in modern times, Juwenalia in Kraków dates back to the 1950’s.

Kraków Juwenalia – 1957


You can find out more about Juwenalia Krakowskie at:
   Juwenalia Krakowskie Facebook

 icon-day Friday 17th May 2024
 icon-time  8.00am – Students Breakfast (JuweŚniadanie)
icon-time  9.30am – Parade starts (Korowód)

 icon-location  Klub Studio, Kraków

 icon-facebook Facebook Event – Juwenalia Krakoskie 2024 – KOROWÓD | JuweŚniadanie






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