Jewish Culture Festival 2023

32nd Jewish Culture Festival – RUAH

The 32nd Jewish Culture Festival, (Festiwal Kultury Żydowskiej w Krakowie), is taking place in Kraków until 2nd July. This year the festival will be dedicated to the them Air – RUAH.  The Festival in Krakow is the largest presentation of contemporary culture created by Jews around the world.

“After earth, fire and water, this year it’s time to take care of air. In Hebrew, air is Ruah , but the word has several different meanings in the language. “Searching for the coherent element, which contains the three basic meanings of the word RUAH – Spirit, Breath, Wind and which as a Jewish “sign” is readable by (almost) everyone, this year we refer to the concept/instrument whose sound – due to the awareness of the breath – expresses both the Ruah Elohim , the Presence of God, and our human presence, both imperfect and priceless, and thanks to the air/wind, it reaches and penetrates the farthest corners of the human soul and its world,” says the director of the festival, Janusz Makuch.

“Every year, the 10-day festival presents almost 300 events (in the main and accompanying programme), gathers about 30,000 people from around the world who take part in workshops, lectures, discussions, tours and, of course, concerts and other musical events.”

150 artists, lecturers and instructors share their experiences and achievements in the development of Jewish culture with our audience. Authenticity and truth are the most important values ​​for us.

This year the festival will be held between 28th June  and 2nd July and it will be dedicated to the last of elements: the air. Most of the events will be held in the Festival Tent, concerts will be held in the Tempel synagogue, Alchemia , Hevre, and … Szeroka Street.

Whilst the festival features dozens of amazing cultural, artistic and musical events, the highlight for many is ‘Shalom on Szeroka’.

   Shalom on Szeroka Concert
   Saturday 1st July

Shalom on Szeroka photo: JCF

This year’s festival, dedicated to the air is a perfect occasion for the return with their trade mark highlight – open air concert Shalom on Szeroka Street. After a three year break,  it will be held on July 1st, 2023!

   32nd Jewish Culture Festival

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