Expats often ask if Kraków tap water is safe to drink?  according to a recent report, it definitely is.

The European Co-operation Benchmarking (ECB) (water Services) have recently published a report which confirms that the water in the city’s taps is of the highest quality. A comparative table illustrating the results of a study of water supply companies from several countries is available on the website of Water Supply Cracow (Wodociągów Krakowskich).

In 2015, for the first time Wodociągów Krakowskich co-operated with the organisation of European

Benchmarking Co-operation, an initiative to exchange experiences between water & sewage utility companies all over the world.  

Sixteen countries, including Poland, participated in the 9th edition of the  benchmarking research. Data provided by the program participants was subjected to comparative analysis with the results published in the report.

The analysis confirmed the high level of quality of water supplied by the Water Supply Krakow (Wodociągów Krakowskich).  A comparative table illustrating the results is available on the website of Water Supply Cracow.

To learn more, in Polish, about the Kraków Drinking Water campaign – “Good Water – Straight From the Tap („Dobra woda prosto z kranu”), visit www.prostozkranu.krakow.pl .

Safe Tap Water Campaign

This drinking water campaign site includes a section promoting restaurants which provide free tap water to clients.  Krakow Expats Directory will also highlight such establishments using this icon in the amenities section of the listing.


NB – The kraków.pl News Release refers to the 2015 report, however the ECB site appears not to have been updated as yet and only the 2014 report is available.

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