Things to Do for Families?

There are a number of family related resources in English and Polish

There are a number of family related resources available in English and Polish
Kids in Krakow Website (English)
Kids in Krakow FB (Polish)
Lots of up to date information on kid friendly and family events.

Krakow Families on (Official City Website – Polish)

Kraków Expat Families (English) FB
A place for International families living in Krakow with young kids. Our Krakow Expat group is mostly adult orientated, so Kraków Expat Families is where mums, dads, child minders or guardians, can come to share ideas, events and support each other.

Krakow for Kids (English) Blog
A great picture rich blog, run by Karina, a friend of Kraków Expats Directory.

‘I live my dream and I share my passion for kids and photography. When I moved to Krakow a few years ago, I discovered that although there are a number of places for kids in Krakow, not much is written about them is English. The Krakow for Kids site is intended to fill this gap by providing useful information in English about kid-tested, parent-approved places for young kids in Krakow. Included photography is my subjective ‘review’. You decide if – based on what you see – the place is worth visiting.’   Karina