Renting a flat – Use an agent or deal privately?

Is it better to use the services of an agent or do it ourselves?

When to use real estate agent’s services:-

  • you do not speak Polish and are  finding it difficult to find a place on your own
  • you need a flat fast and you don’t have time for searching
  • you want to be sure someone checks the lease for you so that you don’t sign something you don’t understand

Do remember, there is an agent’s fee for their services that amounts to one month’s rent of the flat they found for you to rent

Consider trying to find a place on your own if:

  • you speak Polish or have a friend who can help you out with arranging viewings and communication with the landlord
  • you don’t mind spending lot of time searching for a flat which meets your requirements.
  • you do not wish to spend more money than necessary on the rental

Finding a flat on your own is free of charge but is also very time consuming and can be frustrating.

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