Buying Property – Restrictions for foreigners?

The restrictions for foreigners buying a property in Poland depend on what kind of property they want to buy and what nationality they are.

The restrictions for foreigners buying a property in Poland depend on what kind of property they want to buy and what nationality they are.

Citizens of the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway are free to buy any property they want (except for agricultural land), as long as they have the financial ability to buy or take a loan.

For non-EU citizens the situation is more complicated.

If a non-EU citizen would like to buy a flat, they can do so without any restrictions.

When it come to buying a house or a piece of land, in general they would need to get a permit to purchase, obtained by submitting an application to the Minister of Interior.

A Permit to purchase is not required if it’s been more than 5 years since the non-EU citizen moved to Poland and obtained a permit to stay here or if they are married to a Polish person.

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